BAF May Not Just Become Peak of Art Creativity

BAF May Not Just Become Peak of Art Creativity

The Bali Arts Festival (BAF) held every year is proved to have been a powerful medium to explore, preserve and develop the arts. This year’s art extravaganza does not only have a positive impact on the artists, but also on creative industry. Moreover, the discovery and preservation are not only limited to its form, but

The Bali Arts Festival (BAF) held every year is proved to have been a powerful medium to explore, preserve and develop the arts. This year’s art extravaganza does not only have a positive impact on the artists, but also on creative industry. Moreover, the discovery and preservation are not only limited to its form, but also its philosophy, nobility and universal values.

Armed with knowledge and the art as representation of civilization, Balinese people, especially the artists, are able to develop the art through creation, innovation and cultural adaptation. As a result, it remains to survive and runs sustainably in the context of changing times. In the current development, in the capacity of Bali as an international tourist destination, the BAF has played a role as a medium to improve the welfare of the artists and their community.

If noted, every BAF implementation has great impact on the role of talented young generation of Bali. As evidence, creative young people are able to preserve the arts inherited by their ancestors, and creatively gave birth to new works of art. Prestige demands them to compete, so that it demonstrates the quality of the art of each region to be the best and superior.

The artists appointed to represent never hesitate to appear and to be the best. It makes the participation of all the districts and municipality in Bali always display their art well and nicely. They perform optimally by promoting creativity and innovation, but do not leave the traditional norms. Then, will the BAF only become the peak of the art process that is just enough to get there?

At the first appearance in 1979 on the idea of ​​the late Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra, the BAF aiming to accommodate the artworks, art aspirations, art reconstruction, art innovation, art attractions and art appreciation may have been answered. However, when the BAF has entered the 39th year, is there any thought for its continuation or is it enough to get to this point?

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During the long passage of the BAF, it should not only develop the art, but must also be followed by the development of the management. After accommodating the best work of art, the government as the organizers must also think about the continuation, so that the arts having developed will not only live during the BAF and then go extinct after the event comes to an end. It is very much deplored, if the artistic process of the generation is only stagnant until in the BAF.

Bali government should have thought about the continuity of the various works of art having been featured in the BAF. It can be done by providing a medium, a wider opportunities to express the results of their creation. For example, the art troupes becoming the best get the opportunity to be an envoy of Bali to appear in national or international events, such as joining the art competitions, festival or art parade.

The artists or art troupes having performed well in the BAF should be given the opportunity as an art mission that promotes local culture outside the region or overseas. If too excessive, then they can also be given the opportunity to welcome official guests or as an art envoy at the international event held on this Island of the Gods.

I Ketut Keplug, a traditional drummer of  Denpasar, said that giving the opportunity to appear can serve as a reward to those who succeed in artistic creativity. It should not even be dominated by certain people that do not play a role in the BAF. “Showing off superior arts from different supporters will certainly be able to give new nuances. Besides, it can serve as reflection that Balinese people have a variety of arts,” he said.

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Similar opinion was also stated by I Wayan Weda, an artist from Tabanan, who cares about younger generation. According to him, this time many art troupes appearing in the BAF are in suspended animation after the BAF. They must be given the breath to stay alive. “Well, the opportunity to appear again will make the art troupes more passionate to seriously pursue their profession. They should not even switch professions because there is no chance to get earnings,” he added.

Prof. Dr. I Made Surada, a lecturer of the State Hindu Dharma Institute (IHDN) of Denpasar, said that BAF organizer should be more creative in creating space and giving awards to the best participants. For example, the champions of inscribing palm-leaf manuscript, Balinese literature, story-telling and other competitions need to be given a further opportunity. “The work of participating contest is very good. But unfortunately, after getting their champions where do they go? This sustainability needs to be considered. Do not just practice for the sake of BAF, after that disappears. So, it is not wrong if every BAF implementation only gives impression that it just implements the project,” he said. (BTN/015)

BAF Becomes Celebration of Arts

The Bali Arts Festival (BAF) has now entered the 39th year. In the implementation of each year, Balinese people can review again about this celebration of the art. Other than showing off new arts, it should also revive and preserve the nearly extinct arts. “It is unique because the concept of discovery and development through a new collaboration or creation process is still sourced from the existing arts” said Prof. Dr. I Made Surada, a lecturer at the State Hindu Dharma Institute (IHDN) of Denpasar

He explained that BAF is an activity to maintain, discover, display and develop Balinese arts. The artwork of the development process is actually beneficial to give contribution in the life of Balinese people especially in the economic field. The artists are working in the art creativity while the government creates creative spaces, so that it has an impact on the sustainability of the arts.

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The BAF event should have an impact on economic improvement for its people. Besides, it must also be accompanied with an increase in lifestyle, standard of living, attitude, mental and appearance. Creating a sense of pleasure in the artists is very important because if their economy increases, it will also have an impact on the art sustainability. “Philosophically, human beings cannot be separated from the arts. Humans will get pleasure, satisfaction and happiness if they have been able to do art creativity,” added Prof. Surada.

Actually, the life poses an art. Please keep in mind that in the teaching of Hinduism, God creates nature also through the art. Art with extraordinary creativity results in a wide range of creatures and plants. God does not only create one kind, but many kinds, so as to bring a sense of beauty. Diversity of the arts in the BAF can give a sense of beauty and happiness for every connoisseur.

On that account, the BAF celebration every year is expected to create a sense of fun in the community, so that it has an impact on peace of life. Unfortunately, the implementation of BAF that has been mature enough has not yielded anything maximal. “Only some people have enjoyed the celebration. It has not reached the artists as a whole because the presentation is only made by those very same art troupes. Sustainability of the art troupes appearing also began to be doubted because after appearing in the BAF they have no relationship and tend to break up,” he said. (BTN/015)


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