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Ngurah Rai University to Organize IPOA, An International University Conference

Ngurah Rai University to Organize IPOA An International University ConferenceGraduate Studies of the Ngurah Rai University (UNR) Bali will hold an International Public Organization Association (IPOA) conference. The conference entitled The Phenomenon of Public Administration in Developing Countries will be held at the Inna Grand Bali Beach on February 21, 2013. “It is the third international university conference,” said Chairman of the Organizing Committee, Prof. Dr. AA Samudra. Prof. Samudra doubling as Director of the Graduate Studies at the UNR explained the conference would be supported by 31 universities and 71 presenters as well as attended by 122 participants from home and overseas. “The UNR is very courageous to organize this great event. Frankly speaking, it is only armed with high spirit and willingness. We just want to raise the UNR into the best university, though our human resources and funding have not been inadequate,” he said.

Overseas universities that had confirmed their participation were the Korea University (KU), Mindanao State University (MSU-IIT), Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Thammasat University, Bangkok (TU), Sripratum University Bangkok, Hong Kong University, University of Southeastern Philippines, Universiti Malaysia Perak, and the Islamic University of Kushtia, Bangladesh. Prof. Samudra described the conference would result in great ideas from each participant. Then, it would be distributed in the form of book proceeded to each participant and universities in developing countries that did not participate in the conference such as Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and Myanmar. The ideas were expected to give good benefits for the advancement of public organizations in their respective countries.

Meanwhile, the national universities that would attend the conference consisted of the University of Indonesia, Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University, Gadjah Mada University, Pajajaran University, Hassanudin University, Airlangga University, Riau University, Jember University, General Sudirman University, Haluoleo University Kendari, Tirtayasa University Bandung, Jakarta Open University, Institute of Home Public Administration (IPDN), Malang Muhammadiyah University, Jakarta Mustopo University, STIA-LAN Jakarta, Wirabhakti Social & Political Studies College (STISPOL) and some other universities.

Public forum
In the meantime, Chairperson of the Administration Conference, Dr. Ni Putu Tirka Widanti, said that implementation of the conference was also supported by the Denpasar Municipality. The conference named the International Public Organization Association (IPOA) would also be attended by 29 professors, 38 doctors and 4 students of doctoral program. According to Tirka doubling as Director of the Administration Graduate Studies, Graduate Program of the UNR, the conference was intended as a public forum for the academicians, government officials, graduate students and interested parties from various groups to explore and share experiences.

The conference aimed at a) exploring the latest world issues that lived through changes in the management of public or governmental organization; b) developing the aspect of theory, concept and practice of public management organization; c) exploring the methodology and future management of public organizations; d) revitalizing the approach to the future management of public organizations; and e) contributing ideas to government in the developing countries on the aspects of good governance and best implementation.

Selected papers would be published in the Proceeding of ICONPO and some of which would be published in the Journal of Governmental Studies of Korea University pursuant to the applying terms and conditions or Cambridge Scholars Publishing Ltd. The official conference website is and email: ipoa.conference @ (BTN/015)

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