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Visitors throng Sangeh nature tourist object

Visitors throng Sangeh nature tourist objectCelebration of Ngembak Geni after Nyepi was taken advantage by people in Bali to make a visit to tourist attractions such as Sangeh nature tourist object. Since 09:00 a.m., dozens of motorcycles or cars had entered into the tourist attraction located on Jalan Raya Sangeh, Abiansemal subdistrict, Badung. “A large of number of tourists came here (Sangeh) to celebrate Ngembak Geni. Until this afternoon, those who want to see wildlife ape reached more than 2,000 people than usual days only reaching 500 people,” said Operation Manager of Sangeh Nature Tourist Object, Made Sumohon, Wednesday (Mar 13).

Aside from local community, a number of buses conveying hundreds of domestic tourists, said Sumohon, also visited the tourist attraction known to foreign countries. They came from different regions such as Central Java, Yogyakarta, Semarang and some other regions. “Most tourists coming here are domestic and local tourists, while the percentage of foreign tourist is only a few. In the past, the image of Sangeh in the eyes of foreigners was bad due to the behavior of wild monkeys often biting our visitors. Now, we’ve made some improvement so that Sangeh starts to attract tourists,” he explained.

It was said the road access that was not connected to the other tourist attractions also posed a major problem in developing the Sangeh nature tourist object. This condition was assessed to affect the tourist arrival. “Hopefully, the construction of Tepet River Bridge that will connect Sangeh to Bedugul can be completed immediately. By doing so, travel agencies will not reluctant to bring along their guests to this object,” he said.

Other than Sangeh tourist attraction, the community celebrating the post-Nyepi holiday also looked for crowded Kuta Beach. The atmosphere of the white sandy beach once ‘dormant’ during the Nyepi started living by the presence of domestic and foreign tourists through a variety of activities on the beach. A number of tourists looked to have a promenade around the coastal highway. Rows of vehicles, both motorcycles and cars, were back to fill in the parking area along the Jalan Pantai Kuta from the morning. Sunny weather made tourists so enthusiastic to perform a variety of holiday activities at the tourist attraction, from a mere walking on the beach, playing sand to surfing.

“I cannot help playing and showering on the beach after a whole day in hotel due to respecting the Nyepi celebration,” said Darryl, one of the tourists from Surabaya. Having been satisfied to play on the beach, he with family planned to visit several tourist attractions in Bali. Similar opinion was delivered by Ramesh, a tourist from India. With his companion, he would go straight to the beach after Nyepi ritual had ended. “It’s very nice we can do activities on the beach. Moreover, the weather is fine and makes me excited,” he said. (BTN/kmb)

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