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Art & Cultural

Mesantalan tradition

Mesantalan traditionThe customary villagers of Apit Yeh, Manggis Karangasem, organized a traditional mesantalan, on Tuesday (May 26). This unique tradition involves all the local village youths attackimg one another by throwing ketupat (rice patty) at each other. This tradition is preserved in honor of the journey of  princess Ida Dalem Selumbung when she was to get married to Ida Dalem Apit Yeh.


Barong Brutuk Whip Believed to Cure Diseases

Whip of Barong Brutuk Believed to Cure DiseasesTRUNYAN not only has a unique burial tradition but this village also retains a rare traditional dance that is not found in any other village. The dance is named Barong Brutuk. In contrast to the other types of barong, Barong Brutuk does not take the shape of animals, but instead resemble a human being. The appearance of the Barong Brutuk remains very primitive as only the most rustic of materials are used for its attire.


Travel to Trunyan

Women forbidden to go to to Sema Wayah

Travel to Trunyan Women Disallowed to Come to Sema WayahTRUNYAN village, Bangli County is well known by both local and foreign travellers. This ancient Balinese village located on the edge of Lake Batur, in Kintamani, retains some unique traditions. One of their most well known traditions is their way of burying their dead, or rather not burying them – they are just plafced in an open shallow grave. What is it that makes this Balinese village so special?


Tipat Bangkit

Tipat BangkitTipat Bangkit is a combination of various types of tipat or rice bag denoting the part of the bebangkit offering. This kind of ritual paraphernalia of the Hindu community in Bali commonly used when organizing the five kinds of holy sacrifice or pancha yajña (deva yajña, rishi yajña, pitri yajña, manusha yajña and bhuta yajña) especially in the ritual belonging to middle- and large-sized ceremony. Tipat Bangkit in the bebangkit offerings is dedicated to the Goddess Durga (in a state of anger) in order that she gets back into Goddess Uma (in the tender state).

This offering is aimed at enhancing the quality of life. The tipat bangkit consists of tipat cakra, tipat ninjeng, tipat lawangan, tipat pageh, tipat terompong, tipat sarin buana, tipat nasi, tipat siungan, tipat Sidakarya, tipat blayag, tipat sai, tipat sari, tipat bagia, tipat taluh, tipat kukur and tipat dampulan sari. However, when presenting the offering, it comes with jaja bulan matanai (lunar solar cake).


I Wayan Limbak, Maestro of the Cak Dance

I Wayan Limbak the Maestro of Cak DanceCAK Dance is pratically synonymous with the late I Wayan Limbak. This public figure and prominent artist from Marga Bingung hamlet, Bedulu village, Blahbatuh, Gianyar, was the composer and originator of this dance. Cak Dance has now become very well known and has adorned many brochures and magazines elevating tourism in Bali.

The development of Cak Dance led to the formation of Cak Dance Troupe of Bedulu by the late Limbak himself. There were douzens of members of this dance tourpe, including artists, all of who were residents of Bedulu village. The Cak Dance features the Ramayana story that was popular in his community. The figures appearing in the Cak Dance include every character from Sugriva and Subali to Kumbakarna whose role was faithfully played by the late Limbak.


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