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Art & Cultural

Incredible Beauty of Kalimantan Exhibited in Bali

Incredible Beauty of Kalimantan Exhibited in BaliAs a tourist destination beyond Bali, Kalimantan is indeed very attractive. Other than being famous for the mining center, the island also retains magnificent charms as tourist destination. Its cultural attractions and traditional arts are beautiful and alluring and remain to survive so far. The traditional culture and arts are still sustainable so far and able to attract domestic and foreign travelers.

Well, to introduce the existing tourism potentials, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia in cooperation with local government held the promotion of Kalimantan on the Island of the Gods. This sixth promotion entitled Borneo Extravaganza 2014 with the theme “Kalimantan - The Real Borneo” was held at Mal Bali Galeria (Bali) for three days (Aug 22-24).


Gianyar Art Team Goes Riveting in FKY

Gianyar Art Team Goes Riveting in FKYThe Gianyar County art team was able to hypnotize thousands of spectators in the Yogyakarta Art Festival (FKY) XXVI. The team involving 122 dancers presented an art show entitled “Karebut Kumbakarna” at the Ngasem Market Plaza Area, Yogyakarta, Saturday (Sep 6). In the presentation, the team performed an ogoh-ogoh (papier mâché demon) as the embodiment of Kumbakarna and was capable of drawing the audience to be increasingly curious.

The performing art under direction of Made Sidia was designed quite uniquely where in the single title included four art shows with sequential or continuous storyline. The reverberated voices of cak a cappella were followed by bitter battle between Rama’s monkey troops against Kumbakarna causing the audience to applaud unceasingly.


Billboards in Badung to be Designed in Balinese Styles

Billboards in Badung to be Designed in Balinese StylesAlthough his tenure remains one year to go, it does not dampen the enthusiasm and commitment of the Regent of Badung, Anak Agung Gede Agung, and staff to make populist policies inspired by Balinese culture. One of the policies is preparing a Regent Regulation serving as a legal instrument for the arrangement of billboard placement in Badung region.

The measure of the regent to cut ‘illegal billboards’ is considered to be very consistent as well as poses a follow-up to the state speech of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on August 15, 2014 who praised the Badung County as an international tourist destination.


AIF Responded by 25 Choreographers from Six Countries

AIF Responded by 25 Choreographers from Six CountriesA total of 25 choreographers from several countries showed off their capability in the Island Art Festival (AIF) held at Lepang village, Klungkung, Friday (Aug 22). They did not perform a finished artwork, but rather responded to space freely. Each of the contemporary artists from Australia, Malaysia, India, the Netherlands, New Caledonia and Indonesia was able to present a unique art.

In the fifth AIF organization, they made their expressions at two venues. At first, they responded to the aura of Lepang Beach and then responded to bamboo art installation in Batu Belah Space belonging to I Wayan Sujana Suklu. Natural rice fields and moor close to settlement presented bamboo installation art on the pond made by Suklu in the form of crab and cocoon.


Tek Tok Dance: A Message of Truth That People Must Be Loved by God

Tek Tok DanceAtmosphere of the night burst when the sound of unique music heaved. Tek tok, tek tok were the repetitive voices uttered by male and female dancers. The tek tok voices sometimes gave dynamic, strong and stomping nuance. At other time, it gave cheerful and soft melody. It is a brief description on the Tek Tok dance performance at the Nyuh Kuning Bali Culture Center (BCC) Ubud, Gianyar, recently.

A total of 150 dancers were moving dynamically while uttering tek tok. Their movement resembled to a capella Cak Dance but sometimes also resembled to Seudati classical dance. Such art composition was very beautiful as well arranged by formations and beautiful movements. Moreover, it was showed harmoniously by the dancers wrapped in festive outfit.


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