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Karangasem: Pasar Agung Temple (Monday, 27 April 2015 05:33)
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Food and Beverage: CasCades Restaurant hosts Ubud Chefs’ Collaboration Lunch (Monday, 27 April 2015 05:02)
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Art & Cultural

Pasemaya a Hinduism-inspired Cultural Event

Pasemaya a Hinduism-inspired Cultural EventThis is the way how the students of the Faculty of Dharma Acharya of the State Hindu Dharma Institute (IHDN) of Denpasar preserve the culture of Bali. Various types of competitions are held by involving younger generation ranging from the elementary, junior high, high school/vocational school to college students. “The competition is an effort to encourage young generation to remember and learn about the culture of Bali as the Balinese character from the past,” said Dr. I Nyoman Linggih, the Dean of the FDA amid the competition, Sunday (Apr. 12).


Interpreting New Moon by Holding Amavasya

Interpreting New Moon by Holding AmavasyaThis is the way carried out by young artists coalesced into the members of the Pavana Collective in interpreting the significance of Tilem (new moon). They present a collaborative art entitled Amavasya located at Taman Baca at Jalan Sedap Malam 234 Kesiman, Denpasar. These young artists present a high sense of appreciation to various kinds of art.


Heading for the Final Resting

Heading for the Final RestingThe palebon or cremation procession of Ida Ayu Alit Kerti Jayakusuma which is the mother of Ida Bagus Surakusuma (Gus Lolec) was held at the Badung cemetery, Monang-Maning, Denpasar, Tuesday (Apr. 14). Hundreds of residents, big family as well as other officials participated on escorting the deceased to the last resting.


Geopark Dance Mesmerizes TMII Visitors

Geopark Dance Mesmerizes TMII VisitorsHow beautiful and quite alluring the Geopark Dance presented on the 40th anniversary of the Beautiful Indonesia in Miniature Park (TMII) is. Other than presenting the beauty of the dance, it also conveys the message nicely packaged.


Candi Bentar

Candi BentarCandi Bentar is the name for entrance gates building in the form of two similar and congruent buildings but poses a symmetrical reflection restricting the left and right side of the entrance. This candi bentar does not have a connecting roof at the top, so that both sides are apart perfectly and only connected at the bottom of the stairs.


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    During April this year, there are at least three temple ceremonies in three major temples…



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