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Art & Cultural

Tek Tok Dance: A Message of Truth That People Must Be Loved by God

Tek Tok DanceAtmosphere of the night burst when the sound of unique music heaved. Tek tok, tek tok were the repetitive voices uttered by male and female dancers. The tek tok voices sometimes gave dynamic, strong and stomping nuance. At other time, it gave cheerful and soft melody. It is a brief description on the Tek Tok dance performance at the Nyuh Kuning Bali Culture Center (BCC) Ubud, Gianyar, recently.

A total of 150 dancers were moving dynamically while uttering tek tok. Their movement resembled to a capella Cak Dance but sometimes also resembled to Seudati classical dance. Such art composition was very beautiful as well arranged by formations and beautiful movements. Moreover, it was showed harmoniously by the dancers wrapped in festive outfit.


Inna Bali Hotel Maintains Dutch Architectural Design

Inna Bali Hotel Maintains Dutch Architectural DesignInna Bali Hotel located on Jalan Veteran Denpasar remains to maintain the Dutch architectural design. It was revealed by Marketing Manager of the Inna Bali Hotel, Ari Sulistiari, amidst the melaspas and mecaru druwa bineda ritual at the Gayatri Building, Sunday (Aug 17). The ritual was attended by Secretary of Denpasar Municipality, AAN Rai Iswara.

Ari Sulistiari said the Inna Bali Hotel located on Jalan Veteran Denpasar had a history in which posed the legacy of Dutch colonization. “So, to maintain the history, the design and structure of the building remain to be preserved. As a result, young generation can know the histories of the city of Denpasar,” she said.


Bulfest Presents Fishermen Dance En Mass

Bulfest Presents Fishermen Dance En MassThe Buleleng Festival (Bulfest) II was opened in the area of Singa Ambara Raja monument, exactly in front of the office of the regent of Buleleng, Wednesday (Aug 6). The festival opened by the Governor of Bali Made Mangku Pastika posed a cultural event to maintain the continuity of exploration, development, preservation and promotional program.

The festival was commenced by presenting Fisherman Dance by a thousand dancers. The dance composed by maestro I Ketut Merdana from Kedis village, Busungbiu subdistrict, gave stunning performance. All the dancers lined along the street up to hundreds of meters in length. Performed for 15 minutes, the dance was accompanied by gamelan music by Eka Wakya troupe from Paketan hamlet. After that, it was performed the Kembang Deeng Dance composed by Made Sriwati and it also wowed the audience. Moreover, the dance presented by a hundred dancers occupied the entire stage to VIP seat. It was the development of Deeng tradition made every implementation of cremation ceremony in Buleleng.


Barong Dancers in Action at Monkey Forest Ubud

Barong Dancers in Action at Monkey Forest UbudThe atmosphere of that afternoon was so warm. Forest-dwelling monkey seemed carefree, played, romped and hung in the branches of trees. Meanwhile, the traditional gamelan music responded to each other as if they gave life to barong dancers in action. Thousands of travelers from various parts of the world did not want to miss out the event. They sat watching every movement of the barong dance.

It is the short description regarding the tens of barong dance performances on the open stage of Monkey Forest, Saturday (Aug 16). Performance of the barong dance and single traditional drummer contest across Bali was inaugurated by the Regent of Gianyar, Anak Agung Gde Agung Bharata. Contest in the series of the ‘Trena Jenggala Cup I’ was organized by Padang Tegal Kaja customary youth club.


Undiksha Team Shows Off in the Netherlands and France

Undiksha Team Shows Off in the Netherlands and FranceThe Art Goodwill Team of Ganesha Education University (Undiksha) Singaraja will present the arts of Indonesia at the Université de La Rochelle, France and Windesheim University in the Netherlands. The opportunity was obtained after successfully qualifying as a representative of Indonesia in order to strengthen the international cooperation. This art show will be held on September 8-11, 2014.
The art troupe supported by 30 artists comprises 23 students and lecturers. The arts to be displayed include the theater Layonsari composed by Kadek Sonia Piscayanti and traditional dances of Indonesian archipelago. Among them, there will be the dances of Aceh, Batak, Papua and Bali. In addition, it will also be held a workshop on Papuan body painting, painting with the puppet technique and the dances of Bali.


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