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Art & Cultural

Getting Interested in Jegog, a Foreign Tourist Joins to Dance

Getting Interested in Jegog a Foreign Tourist Joins to Dance 1When Jegog music, a typical traditional gamelan of Jembrana, was played at the Bali Arts Festival (BAF) XXXVI, visitors immediately went to the Ayodya Stage. Just within a few minutes, the stage located in the northeast of the Art Center was instantly fully occupied. More interestingly, foreign travelers sitting on the front row were ready with cameras and camcorders.
It was the turn of Metu Swara Jegog Troupe from Banyu Biru village and Swara Sandhi Jegog Troupe from Perancak village, Negara subdistrict (Jembrana) to make performance on Saturday (Jul 5). The gamelan composition played by natural artists sounded melodious. The tones overlapped and gave cheerfulness as if it invited the audience to rejoice.  
Initially, they presented classical gamelan music and Bangun Jembrana creation that purely introduced the beautiful sound of the Jegog gamelan instrument. Later, the collaboration with the artists of dancer indicated if the gamelan estimated to have existed since 1912 was really interesting to be used as dance accompaniment. The dances presented looked innovative in terms of the dance movement or fashion.


Devalaya Angklung Troupe Pays Devotional Work at Campuhan Temple

Devalaya Angklung Troupe Pays Devotional Work at Campuhan TempleAlthough it has been newly established for three months, the Devalaya Angklung gamelan troupe from Batannyuh village was happy to make performance at Windhu Segara Campuhan Temple at Padanggalak, Thursday (Jun 12). The gamelan troupe born in a small area of Karangasem appeared for the first time outside the county by involving 35 male gamelan players.
They were specially invited to enliven the celebration of full moon attended by abundant pilgrims at the temple having become the spiritual tourist attraction. “We are excited to establish this gamelan troupe because we want to maintain and preserve the arts of Balinese culture at the village. We also want to empower people and the musician’s talent,” said the troupe head, Jro Mangku Suadnyana.


Collaboration of Japanese Noh and Balinese Art

Collaboration of Japanese Noh and Balinese ArtMutually seeking equality and learning a difference is the message delivered in the staging of the collaboration of Japanese Noh and Balinese Art in the House of Masks and Puppets, Kemenuh, Gianyar, Tuesday (Jul 1). The collaborative work of art was nicely arranged, so it became a new quality work.

This collaborative art was produced by Jukung Music (Japan) in collaboration with Ceraken Studio (Bali). Serving as the art director was Koyano Tetsuro (Jukung Music) and I Made Subandi (Ceraken Studio). In the presentation, they involved some qualified artists from Indonesia and Japan.


An Interesting Collaboration of Kid Artists

Enchanting Rare Roro Arja Operetta  

An Interesting Collaboration of Kid ArtistsAre children today only able to play? Oh.... it’s not entirely correct. Have a look at their action in the Bali Arts Festival (BAF) XXXVI at the Bali Art Center. For a whole month (Jun 13 to Jul 12), they make expressions in some art programs. Some are involved in the opening parade, staging to competition or parade.
Many people recognize the portion of children is very small, but children are still able to show off an interesting and artistic creativity. For example, it can be seen in the parade of kid Gong Kebyar, parade of Balinese pop song, kid gender gamelan competition, young puppeteer competition, ngelawang or street show as well as many dance that almost all of the were alluring. Their creativity could hypnotize the visitors of BAF.


Unique Tradition in Mengwi Grand Palace

A Symbol to Unite Leader and Its People

Unique Tradition in Mengwi Grand PalaceThe existence of palace as a patron and protector, especially in the preservation of the Balinese Art, Culture and Traditions seems irrefutable, at least we could see on Friday (Jun 13) with the implementation of ceremonies like the meleladan in relation to the Padudusan Agung ritual in the family shrine of Mengwi Grand Palace, Badung. It poses a hereditary tradition that has been carried out since the eighteenth century since the founding of the Mengwi kingdom in 1734.


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