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Balinese Live: Boreh, a Balinese Herbal Scrub (Monday, 13 April 2015 00:00)
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Balinese Live

Boreh, a Balinese Herbal Scrub

Boreh a Balinese Herbal ScrubBoreh is a kind of Balinese herbal scrub known to the people of Bali and poses a heritage from ancient times. It is often made for scrubs that is applied on certain parts of the body and then let it dry. After that, the drying layer is cleansed.  


Keris as the Symbol of Life

Keris as the Symbol of LifeAlthough today is no longer the royal era, many people still collect kris dagger. Its function is clear and no longer as it used to. It is no longer a symbol of social status or weapon to defend one’s self or fight in the war, but tends to become a symbol of cultural property, religion or may become an investment. It is not surprising if the prominence of dagger is now rising. It is certainly encouraging. After all, a kris dagger is a symbol of cultural life of the community of our ancestors. It may not be forgotten, but should be preserved.


Tawur Kesanga at Central Intersection of Mengwi

Tawur Kesanga at Central Intersection of MengwiThe government of Badung held a Tawur Kesanga ceremony at the catus pata or central intersection (zero point of Badung), at Mengwi customary village, Mengwi subdistrict, Friday (Mar. 20). This time the Tawur Agung Kesanga took the main option by using kebo dius merana. The ritual was officiated over by Tri Sadaka namely the Shivaite priest Ida Pedanda Ngurah Putra Keniten from Griya Kediri Sangeh, Ida Pedanda Buda Bukit Putra from Griya Panti Denpasar and Ida Rishi Bujangga from Griya Sempidi.


Sanggah Cukcuk

sanggah cucukSanggah cucuk is the triangle shaped sanggah made from bamboo. It has the meaning as
“pemucuk” or the start of human life. It also the symbol of self purifying so it is placed many offerings. Sanggah cucuk usually present during “mecaru” and other holy day of the Hindu. During Galungan, Sanggah Cukcuk is placed next to the penjor.


Tumpek Krulut

Valentine’s Day of Balinese Gamelan Arts

Tumpek-Krulut-Valentines-Day-of-Balinese-Gamelan-ArtsHindu community in Bali will celebrate a sacred festival known as the Tumpek Krulut on Saturday (Jan 31). This holyday is the embodiment of love for the gamelan instrument in Bali. The term Tumpek Krulut is derived from the name of wuku (seven-day week based on Balinese calendar), Krulut or lulut which means intertwinement.

Deputy Dean doubling as lecturer at the State Hindu Dharma Institute (IHDN) of Denpasar, Dr. I Made Surada, said that Tumpek Krulut was a holy day for worshiping God in his manifestation as Lord Ishvara. He was the god of the art being identical to sacred sounds, musical instrument that gave rise to a wonderful sense. “Tumpek Krulut is moment to express gratitude to him,” said Surada.


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