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Balinese Live

Cremation of Tjokorda ‘Sosrobahu’

Height of Bade Tower 24 meters, Paraded by 400 Residents

Cremation of Tjokorda SosrobahuCremation ceremony was the last tribute presented by the community of Ubud for the inventor of Sosrobahu technique, Dr. Tjokorda Raka Sukawati, on Anggara (Tuesday) Pahing, Sungsang (Dec 9). Even, the parade of the nine-tiered bade tower from Puri Kantor to Dalem Puri cemetery Ubud took place faster than usual.

The procession of taking out the corpse started around 12:30 a.m., preceded with a tribute memorial by military and police personnel. After that, the corpse was loaded to bade tower as high as 24 meters and then vivaciously paraded by 400 residents of Ubud.


Create a Clean and Green Environment

Furama Villas & Spa Supports Cultural Ashram at Bindu Village

Create a Clean and Green Environment Furama Villas  Spa Supports Cultural Ashram at Bindu VillageRealizing the benefits of a clean and beautiful environment, the residents of Bindu customary village, Abiansemal subdistrict, Badung organized sermon (dharma vacana) on Sunday (Oct 5). The resource persons included Dr. Kartini, an environmentalist, and Ida Bagus Adnyana from customary institution of Bali provincial government who provided an understanding about the customs. The event supported by Furama Villas & Spa was attended by the entire community of Bindu.


Finding Solution for Desantara Prasada Negeri

Finding Solution for Desantara Prasada NegeriIn celebrating the 108th Puputan Badung Memorial Day, the Denpasar Municipality through the Culture Agency held a symposium entitled Parum Param in the Meeting Hall of the Inna Bali Hotel, Denpasar, Friday (Sep 19). This event involved approximately 30 experts consisting of public figures, Hindu high priests, senior royal figures, artists, historians, scientists and observers.


Nyepi Celebration at Tegallalang Village

Nyepi Celebration at Tegallalang VillageCelebrating the Çaka New Year (Nyepi) for Hindu community at Tegallalang village, Ubud village, Ubud subdistrict (Gianyar) may be different from other villages in Bali. Primarily the parade of ogoh-ogoh is held on the day before the Pengerupukan. The ogoh-ogoh in the form of a giant statue made of wood and paper was collaborated with performing arts in combination with dance and gamelan music.


Mamungkah and Padudusan Agung Ritual at Mengwi Grand Palace

Mamungkah and Padudusan Agung Ritual at Mengwi Grand PalaceBadung is never empty of ritual activities. It’s one of the features of Badung community. Related to this matter, the Regent of Badung, AA Gde Agung, buried a foundation paraphernalia or pedagingan in the family shrine of Mengwi Grand Palace (Badung County), recently. The ceremony officiated over by Ida Pedanda Putra Pemaron from Griya Sidemen was attended by local officials, the entire royal relatives across Bali, customary stakeholders of Badung County and Blambangan, Banyuwangi County (East Java), subjects of Mengwi Palace.


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