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Balinese Live

Sanggah Cukcuk

sanggah cucukSanggah cucuk is the triangle shaped sanggah made from bamboo. It has the meaning as
“pemucuk” or the start of human life. It also the symbol of self purifying so it is placed many offerings. Sanggah cucuk usually present during “mecaru” and other holy day of the Hindu. During Galungan, Sanggah Cukcuk is placed next to the penjor.


Tumpek Krulut

Valentine’s Day of Balinese Gamelan Arts

Tumpek-Krulut-Valentines-Day-of-Balinese-Gamelan-ArtsHindu community in Bali will celebrate a sacred festival known as the Tumpek Krulut on Saturday (Jan 31). This holyday is the embodiment of love for the gamelan instrument in Bali. The term Tumpek Krulut is derived from the name of wuku (seven-day week based on Balinese calendar), Krulut or lulut which means intertwinement.

Deputy Dean doubling as lecturer at the State Hindu Dharma Institute (IHDN) of Denpasar, Dr. I Made Surada, said that Tumpek Krulut was a holy day for worshiping God in his manifestation as Lord Ishvara. He was the god of the art being identical to sacred sounds, musical instrument that gave rise to a wonderful sense. “Tumpek Krulut is moment to express gratitude to him,” said Surada.


Tumpek Krulut

Celebration of Gamelan to Invoke Divine Vibration

Tumpek Krulut Celebration of Gamelan to Invoke Divine VibrationHindu community in Bali has a special way to honor the gamelan musical instrument. It is carried out by holding otonan ceremony on the Tumpek Krulut falling on Saniscara (Saturday) Kliwon Krulut. It is conducted every six months or 210 days. People who have gamelan, the artists and gamelan art troupes are required to implement this ceremony.

Dr. I Gede Arya Sugiarta, Rector of the Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI) Denpasar, said that providing ritual for gamelan instrument was mentioned in the Prakempa palm-leaf manuscript on Balinese gamelan. It was mentioned there were four good ways to play Balinese gamelan namely the logic or philosophy, ethics, aesthetics and techniques to play gamelan.


Tossan Jaya Produce Keris Ageman dan Pajengan

Tossan Jaya  Produce Keris Ageman dan Pajengan 1Keris is one of the traditional Balinese weapons during the war. Keris is also called “pejenengan” and it is sacred for the Hindus in Bali. Nowadays, keris is also used as “ageman”, an accessory for man during wedding, drama gong performance and pecalang, traditional Balinese security officer.
Tossan Jaya handicraft which produce keris is located in Sidan Village, Gianyar Regency. The place can produce many kinds of keris. It owned by Pande Putu Sunarta, SPd and during the process of making the kerais, he is always assisted by his families.


Cremation of Tjokorda ‘Sosrobahu’

Height of Bade Tower 24 meters, Paraded by 400 Residents

Cremation of Tjokorda SosrobahuCremation ceremony was the last tribute presented by the community of Ubud for the inventor of Sosrobahu technique, Dr. Tjokorda Raka Sukawati, on Anggara (Tuesday) Pahing, Sungsang (Dec 9). Even, the parade of the nine-tiered bade tower from Puri Kantor to Dalem Puri cemetery Ubud took place faster than usual.

The procession of taking out the corpse started around 12:30 a.m., preceded with a tribute memorial by military and police personnel. After that, the corpse was loaded to bade tower as high as 24 meters and then vivaciously paraded by 400 residents of Ubud.


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