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Food and Beverage

Sai Krishna Restaurant Offers Special Vegetarian Menus

Sai Krishna Restaurant Offers Special Vegetarian MenusToday vegetarian foods have become favorite menus. Aside from spiritual people, the menu is also best favored by common people. Moreover, those who have health problems will definitely eat vegetarian food. So, it is natural if many restaurants are now offering vegetarian menus and always crowded by visitors. Sai Krishna Vegetarian, located on Jalan Sroja, is one of the vegetarian restaurants that are always crowded by costumers. With the slogan “healthy organic vegan food” this restaurant is offering food without eggs, MSG, coloring substance and gluten. “We are trying to take advantage of organic raw ingredients because today a lot of ingredients have been contaminated,” said the owner, Putu Eka Antoni Sukmajaya, accompanied by his wife Ni Luh Muliasih.


Mixed cassava cake

Mixed cassava cakeMixed cassava cake is one of the simple and affordable cakes of the Hindu community in Bali. Rural people love very much this kind of cake. Moreover, farmers often enjoy it as a substitute for rice. Its main ingredient is cassava mixed with sticky rice, grated coconut, brown sugar and salt.

In the past, people made the cassava a staple food. Understandably, the rice was very expensive at that time, even it was hard to get. At least, the cassava was cut into small pieces and then boiled and sprinkled with salt. To get different flavors, people made the cakes in various preparations. One of them is this mixed cassava cake.


Bale Udang Restaurant Offers Traditional Balinese Menu

Bale Udang Restaurant Offers Traditional Balinese MenuBale Udang Restaurant  becomes one of popular venue to enjoy the traditional menu. Although the restaurant is modern but it is known also with its traditional cuisine. It offers Menu Chef Signature like Batun Bedil, including Megibung Menu consists of Lawar, Sate Lilit, Udang Guling. There is also Balinese traditional drink known as Es Daluman.

The restaurant has is located in the middle of hustle-bustle Denpasar and Kuta. It also  just opened a new outlet in Ubud. Supported by the unique architecture of the building made of bamboo or well known as bale. Build up an extra memorable experience while enjoying the signature dish.


Ledok from Nusa Penida

Simple Dish with Rich Taste

Ledok from Nusa PenidaLedok is a traditional food from Nusa Penida and it is easily found in the houses of the locals in the island. The Ledok is not only liked by the locals in the area but also many Balinese people.  One of the inhabitants of Nusa Penida Island, Wayan Sukadana said that Ledok is now attracting the attention of many people.

The simple dish is actually very rich in taste so many people fond of it. The development of Ledok is also very vast. Nowadays, there are some people combine it with other foods of drinks from Nusa Penida. “For those who want to try the dish, they don’t have to go all the way to Nusa Penida because in Klungkung Regency, there are some restaurants that serve Ledok,” Sukadana said.


The Village Cucina Italiana Restaurant & Lounge

Enjoy the Luscious Taste of Italy

The Village Cucina Italiana Restaurant  LoungeWhen having a promenade along Jalan Danau Tamblingan Sanur, many pairs of eyes are pointed to a signpost with the picture of pizza. In fact, it is a nice place to eat having been quite familiar. It comes with two kinds of atmosphere, namely the open air and indoor restaurant. This venue is known as The Village Cucina Italiana Restaurant & Lounge.

By all means, it offers Italian specialties as the icon. The Village Cucina Italiana Restaurant & Lounge comes with an elegant concept in the middle of Sanur village. Trees growing around the restaurant look to decorate and give the sense of calmness at the daytime. The location is very strategic so that many walk-in guests come.


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