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Food and Beverage: Barbeque at Hotel Neo Kuta - Jelantik (Wednesday, 29 July 2015 07:24)
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Food and Beverage

Sudang Lepet Jukut Undis

Typical Cuisines of Den Bukit in Bulfest Exhibition 2015

Sudang Lepet Jukut UndisSudang lepet (salted fish) and jukut undis (pigeon pea vegetable) are typical foods of Den Bukit community, Buleleng gracing the culinary exhibition in the Buleleng Festival (Bulfest) 2015. Both cuisines will be coupled with other Buleleng typical foods such as buffalo black soup, siobak, betutu, cerorot, remu (with sugar content), bantal, tumbeg (like a bantal), pedor, blayag, and dodol.


Barbeque at Hotel Neo Kuta - Jelantik

Offers Dining Concept at Open Space

Barbeque at Hotel Neo Kuta - Jelantik 1Want to dine in an open space with a cozy atmosphere? Try to visit the Barbeque at Hotel Neo Kuta - Jelantik situated in the international tourist area of Kuta. Dining at this venue you will definitely get a unique experience, ranging from delicious menu to cozy dining atmosphere with an open space concept. With the budget of around IDR 50,000, you can take food for many times and as much as you can eat.


Owl Stone Café & Bakery

The Authentic Blended Coffee!

Owl Stone Café  Bakery 1Is a great spot to unwind with family and friends in casual surroundings. With so many bakery corners surrounding Kuta area which general has a sightly different menu. With 40 seat capacity OWL Stone Café & Bakery to be one answer to the present in the middle of society. Owl Stone will be specializing in visually attractive any kind cakes, bread and pastry. To add variety in the food served at the same time for reaching a broader market by presenting a variety of sandwiches, burgers, or finger food will present it. Owl Stone Café & Bakery located at Jalan Raya Tuban No. 2, Ground floor H Sovereign Hotel Bali.


Couple and Family Activity at Le Jardin Villas

Culinary Journey in the Comfort of Your Villa  

Couple and Family Activity at Le Jardin Villas 2Le Jardin Villas as the first rainforest garden villa in Bali always offer the best choice for family or couple who is enjoying vacation in Bali and wishing to experience something different. With Le Jardin’s newest feature, you can still enjoy the beauty of Balinese culture and culinary journey without having to leave the comfort of your villa.


Junglefish Restaurant at Chapung SeBali Resort Ubud

Junglefish Restaurant at Chapung SeBali Resort UbudChapung Se Bali Resort, Keliki, Ubud, a stunning retreat located high in hills above Ubud, unveils Junglefish, restaurant, pool, deck and bar. Inspired by all things organic, the man behind the vision is the elusive owner, Niki Nasr, a furniture designer who has a taste for Scandinavian design who isn't afraid to take risks when it comes to building. Together, Nasr and his architect friend Rob Sample, an Australian who now calls Bali home, created an aesthetic so unique, that design unfolds naturally resulting in a space that lends itself to be experienced by all who admire beauty and style.


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