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Food and Beverage

Ledok from Nusa Penida

Simple Dish with Rich Taste

Ledok from Nusa PenidaLedok is a traditional food from Nusa Penida and it is easily found in the houses of the locals in the island. The Ledok is not only liked by the locals in the area but also many Balinese people.  One of the inhabitants of Nusa Penida Island, Wayan Sukadana said that Ledok is now attracting the attention of many people.

The simple dish is actually very rich in taste so many people fond of it. The development of Ledok is also very vast. Nowadays, there are some people combine it with other foods of drinks from Nusa Penida. “For those who want to try the dish, they don’t have to go all the way to Nusa Penida because in Klungkung Regency, there are some restaurants that serve Ledok,” Sukadana said.


The Village Cucina Italiana Restaurant & Lounge

Enjoy the Luscious Taste of Italy

The Village Cucina Italiana Restaurant  LoungeWhen having a promenade along Jalan Danau Tamblingan Sanur, many pairs of eyes are pointed to a signpost with the picture of pizza. In fact, it is a nice place to eat having been quite familiar. It comes with two kinds of atmosphere, namely the open air and indoor restaurant. This venue is known as The Village Cucina Italiana Restaurant & Lounge.

By all means, it offers Italian specialties as the icon. The Village Cucina Italiana Restaurant & Lounge comes with an elegant concept in the middle of Sanur village. Trees growing around the restaurant look to decorate and give the sense of calmness at the daytime. The location is very strategic so that many walk-in guests come.


Mr. Bali Crab, a Crispy Crab in Checkered Cloth

Mr-Bali-Crab-a-Crispy-Crab-in-Checkered-ClothAre you fond of savoring seafood? Simply come and make a try the Mr. Bali Crab; it is the latest menu in the form of crispy crab. When being held, it will be tender and very delicious if chewed. This menu can be eaten anywhere and anytime. If you’re driving, you do not need to stop, simply take the packaged menu and enjoy it.

When enjoying it, you will not need to try laboriously or take pliers or other tools. Its shell is soft and unnecessary to remove it in advance, so that it can be eaten entirely. As coated with flour mixed with special seasoning, this serving is surely more delicious as having met international flavor.


Jukut Undis Indeed Very Delicious

Jukut Undis Indeed Very DeliciousONE of the distinctive Balinese foods is jukut undis or pigeon pea vegetable. It is a typical countryside menu that can be found throughout Bali. This harvest crop of pigeon pea is mostly produced in Singaraja, Karangasem, Klungkung and some other regions in Bali. Komang Suartini, the owner of Warung Jukut Undis, said that more and more enthusiasts were falling in love with the pigeon pea vegetable. By all means, it was inseparable from the flavor of the vegetables that offered different flavors. Aside from being tasty, the vegetable also had a distinctive flavor that was very appetizing for foodies.


Lawar Don Belimbing, Bitter but Delicious

Lawar Don Belimbing Bitter but DeliciousIf you happen to visit Bali, you may be familiar with the term lawar. It is one of the culinary arts owned by this island community. Balinese society is indeed very fond of eating lawar. Evidently, any particular event like a private feast celebration both of small and large scale is always inseparable from the presence of this lawar menu. It indeed has its own characteristics and flavor of its own. No wonder the people of Bali are very dependent on lawar cuisine as it is indeed delicious.


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