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Santrian Gallery Sanur Comes with ‘The Sense’

Santrian Gallery Sanur Comes with The Sense 3A total of eleven unique works of art having rich imagination by the artists of various schools are presented in a joint exhibition at the Santrian Gallery, Sanur. The exhibition entitled “The Sense” presents idealistic ideas in combination with interesting look and full of messages deserving to be observed. The Sense exhibition was opened by Mr. Raphael Devianne on Friday (Jun. 26) and lasts until August 14, 2015.

The Sense features a number of young artists wishing to present their best. Combination of idea, colors, themes and trends result in beauty representing their existence. Visually and extrinsically their works are very much dependent on the depth of their respective contemplation. Undeniably, their existence sources from themselves.


“Essence of Bali”

Photo Exhibition of Aksara for Humanity

Essence of Bali 1Aksara, a photographer from Gianyar who cares about cultural events in Bali showcases his snapshots in Bridges Bali, Campuhan Ubud. A total of 20 photographs are presented in a beautiful restaurant space with the theme “Essence of Bali.” His exhibition deliberately lasts for long time namely from June 26 until the end of 2015.

The exhibition held in the area of Ubud tourism village is much visited by travelers, mainly by those from Europe and America. To view easily the photographs, Aksara also presents them on the website at “If there are prospective buyers getting an interest in purchasing the work, I will set aside the proceeds to help a child named I Komang Adi suffering paralysis from Tenganan Pegringsingan village, Karangasem,” said Aksara.


Driftwood Beautifies Hotels and Villa interiors

Driftwood Beautifies Hotels and Villa interiorsDriftwood processing businesses have a niche market overseas. Kalianget village, Seririt, Buleleng, has been tapping into this niche market locally by turning driftwood into a chairs, tables, lampshades, for villas and hotel properties.

Only few people are taling advantage of the driftwood left on beaches by turning into into maketable products.. Driftwood furniture is made by following the natural curves of the wood with the designs based on the requests of consumers. By and large, it is made into chairs and tables ordered by villas and hotels for interior decoration because it offers a very classical apperance.


Art Event Process

An Art Presentation of Transferring Creativity in Klungkung

Art Event Process An Art Presentation of Transferring   Creativity in Klungkung 1All this time, the performing arts always present the results of creativity process. However, it is different from this performing art where what showed to the audience is precisely the creativity process. More interestingly, the players in this case serving as the creators of the arts consisting of the artists of cross generations such as senior artists, college students to rural children meet together to cultivate the flavor in the art creativity.


'BETWEEN THE LINES' exhibition

BETWEEN THE LINES'BETWEEN THE LINES' shows how Noella Roos express sensuality, life, emotion in between lines in drawings. Dutch artist Noella Roos, who will show 18 large (50 by 180 cm) drawings and two documentary about the working process.


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