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Tirta Pingit Sebatu

Holy water believed to have the power to cleanse the soul  (melukat)

Tirta Pingit Sebatu 1The Island of the Gods has seemingly endless activities for tourists, with nature tourism and culture tourism the Island of a Thousand Temples also offers spiritual tourism with places like Pasiraman Pura Dalem Pingit Temple and Kusti Sebatu Temple known to many people as Tirta Pingit Sebatu purification temple.


Goa Rang Reng, another Waterfall of Gianyar

Goa Rang Reng another Waterfall of GianyarEvidently Gianyar district is rich in nature tourism like waterfall. Currently, this region has three waterfalls. After the Tegenungan and Kantolampo, Gianyar community now has Goa Rang Reng waterfall. It is located at Gitgit hamlet, Bakbakan or about 30 kilometers east of Denpasar.


Wasan Temple, a Historic Site in Gianyar

Wasan Temple a Historic Site in Gianyar 1There is a new tourist attraction in Gianyar named Wasan Temple. It is a historical site recently discovered. Wasan site complex is estimated to originate from the thirteenth to fourteenth centuries based on the style of the statue found. It is situated at Belahtanah hamlet, Batuan Kaler, Sukawati, Gianyar, or about 16 km from Denpasar.

Jero Mangku Wayan Lasiaja said that the location of the Wasan temple is at the Puseh Temple of Wasan, so that when going into the temple area must pass through the split gates (candi bentar). Wasan temple is situated in the middle of paddy field area of Subak Wasan. “In the past, all the heritage sites are buried in the ground. Then, it was dug and studied from 1996 to 2006. Finally it could find archaeological heritages such as temple made of arranged rocks and a pond,” he said.


Hidden Canyon Bali

A New Attraction Offered by Gianyar

Hidden Canyon Bali 1Have you been to Hidden Canyon Bali? This tourist attraction is quite unique and the only one in Bali. Young people in particular like this because it has a hidden secret that can only be read by imagination. Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang or just Hidden Canyon Bali is located in the Beji River close to the Dalem Temple of Guwang village, Sukawati, Gianyar.


Cool Tourism in Gianyar: Kantolampo Waterfalls 

Cool Tourism in Gianyar Kantolampo Waterfalls  1If you are visiting the District of Gianyar, try to stop by the Kantolampo waterfalls.  This new tourist destination, known for its cool microclimate and positive aura is located in The Kelod Kangin Hamlet of Beng Village about 1 Km north of the city of Giannyar (5 km from Ubud and 28 Km from Denpasar). The Kantolampo waterfalls are considered to be a sacred place that is used by people from the local temples for purification rites. The river water is refreshingly cool and the lush vegetation, shade giving trees and wildlife bring peace to the soul.


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