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STPBI Holds CHA Workshop

STPBI Holds CHA WorkshopA total of 12 hotel general managers participated in the Certified Hotel Administrator (CHA) workshop on March 25 to 28. They come from Bali, West Sumatra, Bogor and Jakarta. The event took place at the Bali International Institute of Tourism (STPBI) and then continued with a certification exam administered directly by the lecturers of the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) on March 29.
Director of International Academic Affairs of the STPBI, I Gede Wiwin Suyasa, said that the CHA was international certification for hotel general managers around the world. In addition, the CHA was also the highest international certification in the field of hospitality. “The program is intended specifically for hotel general managers who have the experience as GM for at least three years,” he explained.


In Kuta, Ogoh-Ogoh Parade Becomes Folk Festival

In Kuta Ogoh-Ogoh Parade Becomes Folk FestivalKuta customary village, Kuta subdistrict, organized back the fourth ogoh-ogoh parade. The ogoh-ogoh parade was opened by the Regent of Badung AA Gde Agung, Sunday (Mar 30) in front of the Desa Temple of Kuta customary village. There is nothing special in the ogoh-ogoh parade at this time directly attended by Bali Police Chief Albertus Julius Benny Mokalu and his family as well as Denpasar Police Chief Djoko Hariutomo and the families as well. In addition, there were also subdistrict head of Kuta, Kuta headman, chief of Kuta customary village, Chairman of LPM Kuta and community leaders.


Dalem Alit Temple at Sayan

A Sanctum to Invoke Business Safety, Promotion to Healing

Dalem Alit Temple at SayanIn Bali, the name of Dalem Temple is believed to be haunted because in this temple people usually invoke pangiwa (black magic). It is different from the Dalem Alit Temple located at Sayan hamlet, Werdi Bhuwana village, Mengwi, Badung. The temple located at the southern tip of the hamlet is known as a compassionate temple because all the requests of people are always granted.


24 Years of Bali Tropic Resort & Spa

24 Years of Bali Tropic Resort  SpaIn conjunction with the 24th anniversary of the Bali Tropic Resort and Spa Nusa Dua, the Bali Post and Bali Travel News (BTN) under the management of Bali Post Group held a gathering and a visit to local hotel. The visit represented by the General Manager of the BTN, Gde Palgunadi, was accompanied by several staff and greeted warmly by the Director of Sales & Marketing I Gusti Made Sudiarsa, Executive Asst. Manager Gunawan Cahya Utama and owner Dr. (HC) Jro Gede Karang Tangkid Suarshana.


Without Initiation Ritual, Dancing Sidakarya Mask Can Be Sick

Without Initiation Ritual Dancing Sidakarya Mask Can Be SickWhen you are a dancer or an art enthusiast, do not try to dance or just play the Sidakarya mask arbitrarily. This creepy-look and sacred mask can only be played by certain people. Failing which, do not blame if you can fall limp on stage and sick. In order to be able to play or dance the Sidakarya mask, the dancer should pass through a pawintenan ekajati (initiation rite) conducted by higher priest. In other words, the dancer must perform mesakapan (marriage) ritual with the mask. Besides, the dancer may not talk haphazardly on stage because there are ethical rules to be complied with because the function has been made with certainty.


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