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Headline News

The Sungu Resort & Spa Offers Three Special Chefs’ Signature Dishes

The Sungu Resort  Spa Offers Three Special Chefs Signature DishesThe Sungu is a luxury villa designed in Balinese-style architecture with the tagline ‘Supreme, Serene, Sacred.’ When wondering where you can find an accommodation with serenity in the ever-busy Ubud, you will be surprised to experience the senses of serenity, sacredness and the land of Ubud. Absolutely, it provides supreme services with perfect choice of accommodation, spa treatment and food.


Pucak Pausan Temple, a Sanctum to Invoke Safety

Pucak Pausan Temple a Sanctum to Invoke SafetyPucak Pausan does not only have a cool atmosphere making our mind cooler and calmer, but also more than that. The temple located at Pausan hamlet, Buahan Kaja village, Payangan subdistrict, Gianyar, about 55 km from Denpasar also spreads magical aura. Clear thought and brilliant ideas often appear after saying prayers at the temple.

A unique tradition at the temple is Nyelung ceremony. It is held every 10 years. Large-scale ceremony is attended by all the residents of Buahan, Selat, Susut and Tengipis village. “This ceremony is meant to express gratitude to God for all the abundant harvest,” said the Chief of Pausan customary village, I Wayan Budiartana.


Community of Shanti Dharma hamlet

Preserve Balinese Tradition in Europe

Community of Shanti Dharma hamletOrganizing various Balinese rituals is not an easy matter even if it is held on the island of Bali . This is even more so when this is organized by those migrating to various countries in Europe. However, the longing for familiar cultural traditions can be relieved through the community of Shanti Dharma hamlet centered in Belgium. The hamlet chief Made Agus Dharma Wardana said the community was established to make it easier for the Hindus who wanted to worship at the Agung Shanti Bhuana Temple built in 2009.


Ratu Subandar Temple at Besakih

pura ratu subandarThe Ratu Subandar Temple at Besakih, Karangasem, is located at the upper three stairs from the Penataran Agung Besakih. Local temple priests Mangku Cik, Gusti Mangku Suputra and Jero Mangku Ugu met on the sidelines of serving the pilgrims not long ago. They said that 99 percent of the pilgrims worshipping at the temple were businessmen or traders. Mangku Cik conveyed that the Ratu Subandar Temple had the same function as Melanting Temple. The latter temple of swagina or profession is located above the market. Especially at Besakih, there was also the Ratu Subandar Temple.


Pura Dalem Balingkang

Showing Chinese Influence in Bali

dalem balingkangPura Dalem Balingkang yang terletak di sebelah Utara Gunung Batur ini, erat kaitanya dengan raja-raja di Bali jaman dahulu, dan terjadi akulturasi agama Hindu dan Buda yang berasal dari Negeri Tionghoa. Pura Dalem Balingkang berlokasi di Desa Pinggan, Kintamani, Bangli. Dibangun pada abad ke-11 oleh raja Sri Jaya Pangus Harkajalancana, dalam pemerintahannya beliau didampingi oleh permaisuri utama yaitu Sri Parameswari Induja Ketana, beliau adalah putri utama yang berasal dari Danau Batur.


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