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Headline News

Two Figures of Ubud Palace Awarded Parama Bhakti Pariwisata

Two Figures of Ubud Palace Awarded Parama Bhakti Pariwisata 1Two figures of Ubud Palace, namely (late) Tjokorda Gde Sukawati and (late) Tjokorda Gde Agung Sukawati, were awarded the Parama Bhakti Pariwisata 2015 posing the highest award in the field of tourism in Gianyar County. The awards were presented by the Regent of Gianyar A.A. Gde Agung Bharata to the representatives of the families of the two figures at the Ancak Saji of the Ubud Grand Palace, Tuesday (Nov. 10).


Buleleng Bali Dive Festival

Boosts Hotel Occupancy by up to 90 Percent

Buleleng Bali Dive Festival 1The Buleleng Bali Dive Festival (BBDF) –North Bali’s first diving festival, was lively and attended by many local and foreign visitors. The festival, that aims to promote the potential of marine tourism in North Bali and also seeks to celebrate marine life such as coral reefs, was officially opened on Friday, October 23rd by Prof. I Gede Pitana; Deputy for the Ministry of Tourism in charge of Development and Marketing.


Badung Cultural Festival

Present Art Composition Filled in with Moral Messages

Badung Cultural Festival   1The simple baleganjur gamelan music is not only played with good technique, but also presented with full expression. More interestingly, the music play is combined with a dance featuring classical stories, such as the Mahabharata and Ramayana epics. The action of young artists is unique and very intriguing.
It is the art attraction of each subdistrict envoy in Badung at the opening of the ninth Badung Cultural Festival, Sunday (Nov. 1). Each participant presented a performance filled with philosophy and moral messages. People thronged to watch and enjoy every appearance of the participants. The cultural festival coupled with the anniversary of Mangupura, the capital of Badung County, in 2015 was opened by the Acting Regent of Badung, I Nyoman Harry Yudha Saka.


Fruit Barong Symbolizes Fertility

Fruit Barong Symbolizes Fertility 1Hindu communities in Bali have a unique way to express their gratitude to God Almighty. For instance, they make barong from tubers and fruits. The barong artwork made form assorted fruits is a means of ceremony devoted to God in his manifestation as Lord Mahadev.


A Blue Paradise Named Nusa Penida

A Blue Paradise Named Nusa Penida 1Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia, Arief Yahya, officially inaugurated the Nusa Penida Festival (NPF) 2015 at Batu Belek, Lembongan village, Nusa Penida, Friday (Oct. 2). The event was attended by the Deputy Governor of Bali Ketut Sudikerta, member of Commission X of the Central House of Representatives Ida Bagus Sukarta, Regent of Klungkung Nyoman Suwirta, Deputy Regent Made Kasta and other invitees.


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