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Puri Taman Sari Umabian Offer a Unique Experience of Spiritual Tourism

If you belong to people loving spiritual activities or just start to do it, try to feel the aura of Puri Taman Sari Umabian. Nestled at Umabian, Marga Subdistrict, Tabanan, or about 45 minutes from Ngurah Rai, it is not only a tourist accommodation offering fantastic place to live, but also a serene venue for meditation and yoga. It’s truly possible because Puri Taman Sari lies in the tranquil rural environment and is within close proximity to natural rice field.

Environmental aura exuded materially and spiritually is very pronounced. And if you have a strong spiritual sensitiveness, you can definitely communicate with the local spirits and jero samar or dwellers of the local trees and river. You can perceive this experience through the Bali Yatra Program, a three-week spiritual journey offered at Puri Taman Sari Umabian.

It is a unique program and rarely offered by other accommodations in Bali. This spiritual journey will take you to explore the tradition-oriented experience and indigenous wisdom. Real Balinese life and everything can be seen in person where the Balinese live their life with inner peace as a part of real meditation. “It is different from atmosphere in their home country where they live with stress and are rushed by time,” said the owner of Puri Taman Sari Umabian, Agung Prana.

Time division based on Tri Hita Karana (THK), a harmonious relationship of man to God, others and nature, remain well preserved. On the one hand, THK concept purely works by itself, while on the other hand, it had has revitalized but still refers to the philosophy of Hinduism. “It is this THK concept underlying the Hindu societal life in Bali and has become the main attraction during their spiritual journey,” said Agung Prana.

Firstly, all participants practice the yoga asanas or meditation in the center of Puri Taman Sari Umabian. In the morning, they drink lots of water, attend yoga class and have breakfast. Afterward, they have an opportunity to take a leisurely stroll to rice fields, and even get involved in the work of farmers. Similarly, they also learn how to prepare Balinese ceremony, ranging from majejahitan (making leaf arrangement), preparation of a snack, festoons of ceremony to cooking. These activities pose an integrated part of the meditation.

Additionally, the program is also enriched with spiritual enlightenment by specially bringing in the experts such as the high priest Ida Pedanda Made Gunung, Hindu figure as well as lecturer of Hinduism. Meanwhile, instructor of the yoga and meditation class is Mangku Made Subur known as detector of chakra and Mrs. Ayu Cantik having a profession as Balinese medium. Through this Bali Yatra, participants are invited to pray and visit some great temples to capture the natural vibration. The temples usually visited are like the Pucak Padang Dawa, Batur, Besakih, Batukaru, and even Penataran Agung Peed in Nusa Penida. Through the visits to the great temples, participants are expected to capture the spiritual vibrations and find out their own inner peace.

Participants can also try organic vegetarian foods and Bali healing practice (herbal medicine) specifically and organically cultivated such as false daisy leaf, star fruit leaf, and Balinese orange that is good for the treatment of tumors and cancer. The most favored activity is melukat or purificatory rite to springs nearby, pure springs and the beach. Likewise, there is also program to meet a local medium or Balian to have a closer look at the Balinese life. Here, participants will be introduced to the practice of nunasan or Balinese astrological consultation regarding the birth, illness, or others. “The program of visiting the medium is most pursued by the tourists,” he said.

In the spiritual journey, some participants will get trance. They will be screaming and crying, while others are capable of communicating with the dwellers of spiritual realm. Therefore, after obtaining the experience, they will leave a message to Balinese community that they should improve their bad habits such as burning trash and never forget the ritual tradition, preserve the environment and do self-control.

In implementing this program, they look more serious so that they wear Balinese traditional all-white clothes. Even, there is a participant who chooses to shape the hair in coiled-bun style. “When saying prayers to a holy temple, we are still looking for an auspicious day, so they can get a more intense vibration,” said Agung Prana while adding that the program was mostly preferred by tourists from the United States, Germany, Australia, Japan, and Russia. (BTN/015)

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