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Hotel & Villa

Hardrock Hotel Bali The Leading Entertaiment Hotel in Bali

Nestling against the shores of Kuta’s famed surf beach, lies a holiday resort that lays testament to the glories of the past fifty years of rock culture. Covering a prime 3-hectare site in the heart of Bali’s entertainment and shopping district, featuring 418 tribute rooms, luxury and deluxe suites, alongside six cutting edge food and beverage outlets. A paradise for couples, families and singles.



Waka di Ume Resort and Spa A Sojourn to Witness Cultural Uniqueness of Ubud

Who does not know the Island of Gods or Bali? It’s the bijou island offering all the natural beauties and intriguing sublime cultures. People who never pay a visit can tell much about the island, let alone those knowing it just in a dream.

Bali is situated east of Java Island having access within easy reach, either by land, sea, or air. With such an easy access, this island is then popularly chosen as a favorite tourist destination. Aside from several amazing beaches, Balinese culture can also be taken advantage as an endless tourist attraction because many temples retain very high cultural values. In addition, Bali is also delighted to offer natural attractions in the form of mountain and terraced rice fields resembling a verdant overlay of rug.



Bukit Sari Sangeh

Sangeh is a natural attraction relying on the wildlife and forest as the main tourist attraction. Sangeh tourist object is located at Sangeh village, Abiansemal subdistrict, Badung Regency. It is precisely about 21 km north of Denpasar. Sangeh does not only attract foreign tourists, but also domestic tourists and even the locals of Bali. When you want to make a visit, take the Denpasar–Plaga route or Jalan A. Yani to the north. After some 21 km, on the left side you will encounter a small forest filled with large tropical trees.

Approximately 20 attendants are on duty to maintain the sanitation, safety of tourists, as well as the orderliness of merchants and photographers. Those attendants are spread within the neighborhood of Sangeh forest area.



Nandini Bali Jungle Resort & Spa

Nandini Bali Jungle Resort & Spa is located in beautiful seclusion, adjacent to the dramatic Ayung River valley and the woods west are fields that strongly supports and adds uniqueness to the visitors who will enjoy services which Nandini Bali Jungle Resort & Spa very friendly atmosphere supported by the very nature of nature with a variety of activities and completeness of all the facilities that will add to the atmosphere is not boring.



Alas Kedaton Monkey Forest

Alas Kedaton is situated at Kukuh Village, Marga Subdistrict, or some 4 km from the town of Tabanan. This temple has two kinds of uniqueness. Firstly, it has four entrances into the temple, namely the entrance from the west functioning as the main entrance, then from the north, east and the south. All the entrances lead to the middle courtyard. Secondly, the courtyard becoming the sanctum sanctorum is even lower than the middle and outermost courtyard.



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    Green Hotel

    Dissemination about the concept of green hotel implemented by the government of Denpasar to approximately…



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