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My Lovely Bali

Pursuing a Dream

gede-palgunadiThere is a bitter criticism directed at the government in Bali about the distribution of tourism. It has emerged since long time ago. Unfortunately there has been no significant solution to these days. It has something to do with wide inequality gap between the tourism development in Southern Bali and Northern Bali. To shorten the gap, local governments began to vie by boosting tourism in the region.

One of which is by facilitating the licensing process of tourism development. As a result, many hotels, villas, restaurants and other tourism facilities emerge throughout the counties. So, they do not only focus on Badung, Denpasar, Tabanan and Gianyar. Some regions are successful with this measure, while some others are not. Those that are not, even face a more serious problem, namely the increasing number of productive paddy land conversion and environmental contamination.



Balinese Language

gede-palgunadiAgain the matter of Balinese language is at issue. The problem remains the same where there is no change from time to time. It has something to do with the worries about Balinese language that will become extinct. It will be abandoned by the speakers and only become a distant memory. However, it can only be seen in dictionary without being ever heard, without ever been used as lingua franca as well as in daily language by Balinese population.

A few days ago, in a discussion, such a concern emerged again. The assumption is getting more worrying. It is mentioned that Bali language is just waiting for extinction. Well, such assumption is normal. However, will it be like that? Or in other words, will Balinese language go extinct? Indeed it sounds horrible and saddening, but it must be anticipated.




gede-palgunadiThere is a proverb that says “When in Rome, do as the Romans” , meaning we should behave respectfully towards the culture of the place where we are. Naturally we should, appreciate and respect local customs, culture and norms wherever we are.



Place, Time and Circumstances

gede-palgunadiIn a tourism discussion some time ago at Sanur, it was revealed that the development in this region, especially the tourism facilities, should feature local characteristics with cultural power. Thus, Sanur becoming one of the forerunners of tourist destination in Bali is increasingly able to maintain quality and identity. The discussion was attended by tourism officials as well as the well-known marketers of this country.




gede-palgunadiAs an international tourist destination, Bali may be regarded as a miniature of societal diversity. In Bali, the diversity is clearly visible, either in terms of culture, language, race, behavior and so on. Everything is available so that it is no exaggeration to mention that Bali is said to be an example of how a world community lives and interacts peacefully in a bijou island.



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