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People: I Putu Eka Tenaya Suryawijaya (Monday, 16 February 2015 06:41)
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Zefnath Huwae

Offer Tuna Pizza with Raw Condiment Toppings  

Zefnath Huwae Offer Tuna Pizza with Raw Condiment ToppingsHaving explored the tourism industry for 25 years, Zefnath Huwae gets a wealth of valuable experiences. He is a chef from Ambon who is now working in Bali, exactly at the Ibis Style Legian Kuta. Chef Sonny, as he is familiarly called, has roamed around to some countries such as America, Singapore and Australia. In his voyage he gained a lot of knowledge and secrets of cooking.

Not satisfied with such experience, this graduate of the PPLP Dyana Pura is still challenging himself to constantly learn and do creative work. “Being a chef is not my initial goal. However, due to curiosity, I feel to be challenged and eventually attended tourism school. There I finally fell in love with culinary world,” he recalled.



Love Environment by Saving Electricity

Love Environment by Saving ElectricityLove your environment and the environment will also love you. It is the tagline adopted by The Royal Eighteen Resort & Spa and the Grand La Villais Hotel & Villas. The hotel managed by The Living Kusemas Hospitality so far continues to implement the energy-saving concept.

Corporate Marketing & Communications Manager, Felina, said that her party had commitment to saving electricity. For instance, it was implemented by turning off the lights and air conditioning when housekeeping did cleaning up rooms, calling on all employees to turn off lights, computers and air conditioner individually after office hours and minimizing the use of elevators by using stairs. “Saving power is our program every day,” she said friendly.


In Bali, Valentine’s Day Celebrated Every Day

In Bali Valentines Day Celebrated Every DayOn February 14 is a loving moment known as the Valentine’s Day celebrated around the globe. The celebration originating from the West is even then celebrated in various places. Hotels, resorts, villas and restaurant are some of them.

Actually Bali has been already familiar with Valentine’s Day since the days of our ancestors. By and large, the celebration is realized in the form of yadnya (sacrifice) and it is carried out each day. So, the meaning of Valentine’s Day in Bali is wider. It is not restricted to the beloved humans but also to God and nature.
Related to this matter, the General Manager of Candi Beach Resort & Spa, I Ketut Wirya Negara, as a tourism player agreed that Valentine’s Day for Bali tourism people had been already stated in the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana and Tat Tvam Asi. “When hotels in Bali also celebrate the western tradition, it is legitimate provided that it is within reasonable limit and positive,” he explained.


I Putu Eka Tenaya Suryawijaya

Cooks with Love

I Putu Eka Tenaya SuryawijayaLeading the innovative culinary team at H Sovereign Bali is Executive Chef I Putu Eka Tenaya Suryawijaya. As an executive chef, Chef Surya delivers a consistently sophisticated, yet entertaining. He created a traditional menu in modern ways focusing on superior ingredients from local purveyors to highlighting the best product of Kitchen Meliwis (one of dining venues at H Sovereign Bali) and an elegantly comfortable approach to the dining experience. The concept of Kitchen Meliwis is a smart setting with an upbeat ambience that makes guests feel at ease. It has an open-concept kitchen and takes a theatrical approach to cuisine where every dish is cooked exactly to order.


Hindu Society Loves Nature with Holy Sacrifice and Ceremony

Hindu Society Loves Nature with Holy Sacrifice and CeremonyWhen hearing the Valentine’s Day, the festival of romantic love, young people will avidly welcome. Although it originates from western culture, the Valentine’s Day falling on February 14 is now even celebrated worldwide or in many countries, including Indonesia and Bali. Hotels, resorts, villas and restaurants welcome it vivaciously and vibrantly through the offer of special packages.

In Bali, such affection day has existed from time immemorial. By all means, the celebration was realized in the form of ceremony, yajña (holy sacrifice) where one of the feasts is called Tumpek. Embodiments of the love are not only to others, but also to nature and the environment as well as the Creator, better known as the concept of Tri Hita Karana.


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