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IGK Ayu Ariani

Convenience for Guests, Employees and Society

IGK Ayu ArianiThere is nothing new at the Inna Sindhu Beach Hotel, Resort & Meeting. Having accomplished the refurbishment to some rooms, the hotel located in the heart of Sanur tourism area is now led by the new General Manager, namely IGK Ayu Ariani. Ariani, so she is called, is no longer a stranger to the tourism in Bali. Previously, this woman born in Denpasar on May 6, 1963 has been working in the same group of company, namely at the Inna Putri Bali which will be renamed into Innaya and the Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel, Sanur.

Since appointed as of September 1, 2014, the alumni of the College of Management Studies (STIMI) majoring in company management has been willing and committed to develop the image of the Inna Sindhu, for example, starting from the smallest things. Among them, they include the appropriate greeting in Balinese culture, reduction of complaints and improvement of team work compactness.


I Ketut Darmayasa

Remaining Free but Well Directed

I Ketut Darmayasa Remaining Free but Well DirectedThe Indonesian Bartenders Association (ABI) of Bali Chapter increasingly develops. One of the success stories can be seen from the programs when organizing the activities and its membership has reached 76 people. The success is inseparable from the participation of the ABI management either in maintaining the commitment or solidarity.

I Ketut Darmayasa was smiling broadly when asked about his plan to welcome the New Year. As chairman of the ABI having been occupied for two years, he was optimistic to develop the association. “Next year, I will always focus on running six programs of the ABI Bali,” said the man born in Singaraja on November 11.


Adi Soenarno

In Creativity, Impossible is Nothing

adi soenarnoWhile at school, he was known to be mischievous and naughty among his friends. But it was just a past time. Now, the holder of full name Adi Soenarno has changed. He is a very inspiring figure due to his creativity in writing. The books he has written are also unique and cool to be made as reference. “Being mischievous, I have many imaginations to write,” he said while laughing.

This man occupying the position as General Manager of the Natya Hotel Kuta spent his teenage time in Malang, East Java. After completing his undergraduate study, Adi then decided to be involved in the tourism industry. When he was in Malang, Adi was actively writing articles about tourism and publishing them in multiple media. Writing was not his main job at the time as he was a General Manager at one of the hotels in Malang.


I Nyoman Agus Suparta

Maintain Responsibility and Trust

I Nyoman Agus SupartaThe power of promotion lies in the management. Well, because of wishing to boost promotion, the Harper Kuta Bali Hotel appointed new team of Sales and Marketing Department. He is Nyoman Agus Suparta. This figure is known to be friendly, young at heart and having brilliant ideas.

Agus first joined the Harper Kuta Bali on October 1, 2014. Actually, he is not a new face in the hospitality industry. With an experience for six years in sales and marketing department, it is enough for him to develop his career path. It is natural as he got a trust from the hotel management.


Nugroho Widiharso

Live to make others happy

Nugroho WidiharsoWorking in tourism industry since 1994 make the man who was born in Kudus June 4, 1974 receives many benefit. Nugroho Widiharso is just been appointed as the General Manger of Santika Siligita Hotel Nusa Dua. Nugroho was the alumni of Alumni Atami Internasional Tourism School and has vast international experiences. He visited many countries throughout the world such as Germany, France, Holland, Spain, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Philippine, Hong Kong, China, Japan, Korea, India, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and some others. It makes him get the opportunity to know many people and develop his skills in culture and tourism. 


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