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People: Rudy Tjung, Let’s Love All Serve All (Monday, 25 August 2014 01:06)
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Yanti Lestari: Imagination of Event Ends in Marketing and Happiness

Yanti LestariFrequent promotion is made by Executive Secretary of Grand Whiz Hotel Kuta Bali, Yanti Lestari, in introducing the attractive products and increasing occupancy. Every national holiday and certain events are always taken advantage to make promotion.  

“Promotion must be done to increase exposure and brand awareness of hotel. In addition, it is also intended to increase the interest of guests to book hotel (during promotion) because the room rate is certainly cheaper than published rate,” said the woman liking best Italian and Chinese food.


Rudy Tjung, Let’s Love All Serve All

Rudy Tjung Lets Love All Serve AllAlthough there many restaurants, cafés and night clubs around Kuta area, but General Manager Rudy Tjung never feel worry to compete with others. Even, he is optimist to introduce and grow Hard Rock Café Bali. “Hard Rock Café is different. We’re the unique one here,” said Rudy when interviewed by Bali Travel News.

The man who familiar called Mr. Rudy revealed that showing the difference is a must. So that he has trick and tips to apply such as giving and offering delicious, healthy, hygiene food and beverages and unforgettable entertainment. “I never forget to spread the spirit of ‘Rock n Roll’ by creating authentic experience and memorable,” he said.


Putu Suada

Participates in Empowering Communities

Putu Suada Participates in Empowering CommunitiesInvolving and creating job opportunities for community poses happiness for everyone. Similar condition is also felt by Putu Suada. This figure known to have low profile successfully set up a rafting company named Bintang Rafting Adventure. As a result, despite just four-month-old, it can draw many foreign travelers to enjoy the experience on offer.

When Bali Travel News asked why he established a rafting business, the Director of Bintang Rafting Adventure told the reasons in friendly smile. “Running this rafting business is not to compete against other rafting companies. However, it is to enliven the market and give the new color,” he said.


Drs. I Made Suarta Jaya

Refresh Body and Spirit with Spa

Drs. I Made Suarta JayaOver 23 years working in the tourism industry, make Drs. I Made Suarta Jaya is very sensitive to the needs of guests such as their physical and spiritual health. The Operational Manager Taman Air Spa & Self Pampering states that spa could be an alternative option to fullfill those needs.
The alumni of Mataram University, Bachelor of Scientist, majoring in Biology & Chemistry convey that spa has many benefits for the body and spirit. For the body, spa is for relaxation, skin care,  recreation and healing. While for the spiritual, spa serves to refresh the mind, reduce stress and soothe the soul. "Most local people assume spa as a luxury activity and not requirement. Yet, for European spa is a obligatory activity," said the man born on July 10th, 1967.


Virginie Tutin Sandstrom

Glad to Share Love

Virginie Tutin SandstromBeing part of the Bali Hotels Association (BHA) serving as Director of Community Relations in charge of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program consists of: Disabled Association, Blood Donation, and One Hotel One Orphanage program also Linen Drive poses a special happiness for Virginie Tutin Sandstrom. In her busy time as General Manager of HARRIS Resort Kuta Beach, she is also active as a member in the Rotary Club Bali Seminyak in charge of Smile Foundation.

When met at her hotel, Virginie accompanied by her Marketing Manager, Armilda Budi Astuti, kindly conveyed that performing CSR and working in hotel industry were amazing and exciting job. “I am doing CSR because I like helping the orphan and want to take care of people in Bali. I like working in hotels because I like to meet guests and develop my team,” said the graduate of Hotel Management School (CFTH) Chambery, France.


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