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Art & Cultural: Rural Ashram, a Center for Cultural-Spiritual Education (Wednesday, 30 July 2014 06:24)
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Activities: Come and Join the Bounty Rasa Sayang Party (Wednesday, 30 July 2014 05:58)
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Tia Hanafiah

Revealing Secrets to Make Guests Happy

Tia Hanafiah Revealing Secrets to Make Guests HappyGuests denote valuable assets in the world of hospitality, especially tourism. Without giving special attention, they will likely move to another heart. It was said by Tia Hanafiah who is now entrusted to be the Leisure Manager at the InterContinental Bali Resort. Well, because she does not want her guests to be disappointed, she has personal techniques to make hotel guests happy.


Ni Wayan Yumeri Never Leaves Local Culture

Ni Wayan Yumeri Never Leaves Local CultureAs a Balinese woman building career in the field of tourism, this woman of Singaraja-born on August 26 frequently encounters glamorous thing synonymous with western culture. However, she does not want to get too tempted and then forget about the local culture. She actually introduces the Balinese culture to foreign travelers by always keeping the customs, traditions and characteristics as a Balinese woman.


Made Herry Erika Sedana

Continuously Improve Quality

Made Herry Erika SedanaThe presence of Made Herry Erika Sedana as new Director of Sales & Marketing seems to give new freshness and spirit to the Bali Bird Park. Other than being assertive, energetic and disciplined, this woman of Singaraja-born on March 28, 1979 also comes as a friendly, sociable and communicative figure. While attending college, the alumni of the Bali State Polytechnic student majoring in Tourism was active in the organization such as becoming the chief of the senate and graduated with cum laude predicate. In addition to studying tourism at college, she also filled in her spare time by working as radio announcer and master of ceremonies (MC) in various national and international events.


I Wayan Wira Astana

Combining Balinese and Western Food

I Wayan Wira AstanaDeparting from his hobby in cooking since childhood, this Sous Chef of Aston Tuban Inn Bali, I Wayan Wira Astana, did not want to switch to another profession. The figure of Sous Chef doubling as Food & Beverage Manager who already fallen in love with the culinary world revealed that his interest began to grow when he diligently helped his mother cook and sell food such as traditional Balinese tum, lawar, sausage and snacks.

“I really love the Indonesian culinary tradition, especially Balinese food. Ranging from the method of cooking and the ingredients used are very unique and varied. Hence, the need for precision results creates perfect meal. In addition, I also often create Balinese menus in combination with Western menus. That’s why I also learn a lot about Western cuisines,” said the Sous Chef celebrating his birth date on February 17.


I Komang Aryana

Cooking with Heart

I Komang AryanaThis man of Tabanan-born on June 4, 1975 is not only known for its cheery smile but also his important role in processing food. His name is I Komang Aryana, a Sous Chef of Aston Denpasar. “Cooking activity poses a unique culinary art to me because there are always new things to be created,” said the Sous Chef who loved to cook since his junior high school. According to Aryana, the people considered professional in cooking when they upheld hygiene and sanitation in kitchen area, worked based on the Standard of Operations, processed ingredients properly and paid attention to simple things like setting the size of fire that would affect the cooking. “Cooking must also be carried out responsively and lived with a heart,” he said friendly.


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