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Reza Sunardi: Must Be Ready to Become a Leader

Reza Sunardi Must Be Ready to Become a LeaderMany roads lead to Rome, many roads lead to success despite having to be snaky and facing obstacles. Probably it is a maxim describing exactly how a success can be achieved. It must be accompanied with great effort and struggle. Related to this matter, not long ago, the Executive Assistant Manager of the Padma Resort Bali at Legian, Reza Sunardi, successfully attended a General Manager Program (GMP). It was organized at the Cornell School of Hotel Administration, New York, providing him with new knowledge about leadership. “By chance, I was the only participant from Bali where I should pass a pre-qualification test before participating in the GMP,” he said at the beginning of the conversation.


Putu Suwarsa: Making Expression and Creation Freely

Putu Suwarsa Making Expression and Creation FreelyIn the past, he only worked on and visualized the ideas of others. But now, he is free to make his own expression and creation. His name is Putu Suwarsa. For 23 years, the man born on December 20, 1969 has been accustomed to working in the tourism sector, particularly in the Food & Beverage Department. He is able to process Balinese traditional dishes into superior food and raise it into favorite food. At the moment, he is also entrusted as Executive Chef and consultant chef at the Coco Group. The group of company manages the properties like the Natya Hotel Kuta, Coco Café & Grill Nusa Dua, Coco Café & Grill Seminyak and Natya Hotel Tanah Lot.


Iwan Sunito: Fortifying Bali with Customs and Culture

Iwan SunitoWho says that Indonesian people cannot build a successful career overseas? Iwan Sunito, for instance, an evidence of the entrepreneur spending his childhood in Pangkalan Bun, Borneo was named the King of Property in Sydney, Australia. In the kangaroo country, he successfully established the Crown Group with the business partner Paul Sathio. Besides, he has also often built luxury buildings in Sydney since 20 years ago. As a man loving the culture of Indonesia, Iwan has a desire to expand the business of Crown International Holding Group in Indonesia. As planned, Iwan will choose Bali.


Gya Kanna Gallery Offers Antique Collection

Gya Kanna Gallery Offers Antique CollectionEvidently, the tourist area of Sanur being famous for the beauty of the rising sun becomes the center of antique collection. Gallery and art shops scattered on the coastal resort offer a wide range of unique items. Gya Kanna Gallery is one of them. The art gallery collecting the antiques is located at Jalan Sudamala 15 Sanur.

The goods collected do not only include the antiques and unique items, but also have the strength. It happens because they are made based on inspiration, materials and auspicious day, and even they are given a ceremony. “I collect these antiques since my childhood because I have a hobby and very much like the ancient and auspicious goods,” said Ida Bagus Sutadi, the gallery owner.


Amanda Zahra

Maintain Good Image of Four Season

amanda zahraBeautiful smile can be seen on the face of Amanda Zahra. Started from August 2014, the Jakarta born girl was appointed as The Public Relation (PR) Coordinator in Four Season Resort at Jimbaran Bay.
Previously, Amanda has the experience as Public Relation in Four Season Jakarta. It makes her accustomed to meet and negotiate with other such as media and travel agents and also the guests. “In Jakarta, I was one of the members of Jakarta Public Relation Association (H3). There, I had learned how to become a good PR,” she said friendly.


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