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Tourist Object

Badung Promotes Bongkasa Pertiwi Tourist Village   

Badung Promotes Bongkasa Pertiwi Tourist VillageThe Badung Government through the tourism agency carries out a tourism promotion and marketing of a tourist village. This time the Bongkasa Pertiwi tourism village with a variety of tourist attractions was introduced to international community. “This promotion is made to enable the spread of tourism development between the South Badung and North Badung,” said the Head of the Badung Government Tourism Office, Cok Raka Darmawan, on the sidelines of the event, Friday (Feb. 27). The tourism village introduced was the Bongkasa Pertiwi village in Abiansemal sub-district.


Payangan Traditional Market

A Unique Destination for Travelers to Know Local Crops

Payangan Traditional MarketFor Balinese people, witnessing trading activities at Payangan traditional market may have become a commonplace. However, it may be a different case for foreign travelers. They are very impressed with traditional shopping tradition. And the most memorable, foreign travelers can get to know and learn about a variety of crops sold by Payangan society. “Many travelers visiting the Payangan market just want to see the crops of local farmers,” said the Market Chief, I Wayan Ekajaya.

Payangan traditional market is located in the heart of Payangan subdistrict town, Gianyar, or about 35 km from the city of Denpasar. As tourism path to Kintamani or Ubud, the Payangan market has become an alternative tourist attraction. Travelers usually drop in after a long trip from Kintamani or from Ubud. They get to know the names of fruits and vegetables. “Travelers can see various things here. Just imagine, they eat fruit slices but do not know the name of the fruit. Moreover, they do not know the trees and its habitat. Well, they can learn here through their tour guide,” he explained.


Highest Phallus in Indonesian, a New Tourist Attraction in Buleleng

Highest Phallus in Indonesian a New Tourist Attraction in BulelengBuleleng County is constructing Puri Lingga Agung Dharma Utama - the highest phallus (lingga) in Indonesia. This 6 meter high phallus with a diameter of 2.75 meters, with a surrounding area of 1.5 heactares, will be built at Purohita Temple at Unggahan village, Seririt subdistrict, Singaraja.
Inauguration of the phallus will be held on April 10. “This phallus will become a tourist attraction because it lies between two high hills” said IGN Budi Pertama of the building committee, while meeting with Deputy Regent of Buleleng, I Nyoman Sutjidra, at his office, on Monday (Feb 2).


Gunarsa Museum Has Classical and Sacred Collection

Gunarsa Museum Has Classical and Sacred CollectionGunarsa Museum is one of the unique museums in Bali collecting various Balinese typical classical objects and heritage of paintings. Naturally, when entering into the museum building, visitors will capture the classic and magical aura.

Gunarsa Museum is located at Bande village, Banjarangkan subdistrict. To get to this museum, visitors will take approximately 40 minutes by car from Denpasar. Along the way, visitors will pass through many interesting places in Klungkung ranging from the Kentel Gumi Temple to Japanese heritage caves.


Bricks of Tulikup Has Penetrated Export Market

Bricks of Tulikup Has Penetrated Export MarketForeign community does not only appreciate the Balinese arts. Handicraft products in the form of bricks produced by villagers of Tulikup, Gianyar, also become their pride. As evidence, the typical red brick of the village is often ordered by foreign consumers to make their own building. Some of them have been sent to the United States, India and Europe.

The brick product by Tulikup society is indeed different. Such a brick is usually used to make sacred building such as shrine (temple) and Balinese traditional house. The matter of shape can be similar to ordinary brick, but the fineness of material and density must be different. As a result, the price of the typical brick of Tulikup is quite expensive.


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