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Tourist Object

Batu Tumpeng Beach, Eyed on by Many Surfers

Batu Tumpeng Beach Eyed on by Many SurfersBatu Tumpeng Beach is worth managing as a tourist destination. Unfortunately, the attention of the government of Klungkung to the beach is not maximal. Actually this beach has sufficient potential to support tourism as seen in the coastal area of Batu Tumpeng, Gelgel village, Klungkung. The beach located in the east of Watu Klotok Temple is often visited by travelers for surfing. Unfortunately, this black sandy beach has not been managed optimally. Moreover, the road leading to the beach remains poor so far.


Let’s Travel to Nusa Penida

Lets Travel to Nusa PenidaThe Nusa Penida archipelago consists of the island of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan which are separated from the mainland Bali. Smooth means of transportation to get to the islands make a number of foreign travelers begin to visit the region. What are the appeals owned by the islands belonging to the Klungkung County?

The underwater beauty is the main attraction for foreign travelers where the location can be reached by cruise ships from Benoa Harbor, departing in the morning and returning in the afternoon. Besides, it can also be reached from Sanur Beach by motorized boats that will take about 45 minutes. As alternative, it can also be reached from Padangbai Harbor (Karangasem) by using roro vessel or Gunaksa Harbor (Klungkung) by using a motorboat.


Something Unique at Jero Agung Temple at Bedulu

Something Unique at Jero Agung Temple at BeduluJero Agung Temple located at Batulumbang hamlet, Bedulu village, Blahbatuh subdistrict, Gianyar, is an ancient temple denoting the heritage of Bedahulu kingdom in the eighth century until the fourteenth century. In the area of this temple is found many of archaeological objects. The Jero Agung Temple also becomes a tourist attraction along with other temples, such as the Samuan Tiga, Goa Gajah, Bukit Sinunggal and Dedari Temple.

Design and the sanctity of the temple is almost the same. However, the Jero Agung Temple has a unique mystery. The innermost and outermost area of the temple is sanctified. People do not dare to say haphazardly or behave impolitely. Careless pissing will definitely get punishment. Although it is committed in the bush or village street located away from the temple area, it is still considered to breach.


Kedangan Temple

A Good Historic Site for Meditation

Kedangan Temple a Good Historic Site for  MeditationTravelers having the spiritual hobby definitely know about the Subak Kedangan Temple. The temple located in the paddy fields of Subak Kedangan, Buruan village, Blahbatuh, Gianyar is famous for its historic attraction. The temple supported by 250 people of Subak Kedangan Buruan and Subak Wanayu has been included in the National Heritage based on the Law No. 5/1992.

Although it is a subak temple, the temple having existed since the past time retains a number of historical heritage objects such as sculpture. There are about 20 types of statue made of stone such as Ganesha statue and statue of Khmer Rouge, Vietnam. “In the past, there was a tourist from the Netherlands who studied the statue said that it has similarities with the statue of Khmer Rouge, Vietnam,” said Jero Mangku Made Sutika.


Yeh Kutikan Beach at Tanah Lot

Yeh Kutikan Beach at Tanah Lot 1If you have more time in Tanah Lot, you must try to walk along in surrounding Tanah Lot area. You will find another beach beside Tanah Lot area that haved ever seen before. That is located in the west side of Batu Mejan beach, exactly close with Surya Mandala Cultural Park Tanah Lot. The beach named "Yeh Kutikan" beach which include to Tanah Lot area. This beach truly never visited by visitor before, not like Tanah Lot. Because of the location is not easy to reach. But you must try to visit this beach because this beach also unique too.  


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