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  • Pre-wedding Shoots at Sangeh Attraction

    Pre-wedding Shoots at Sangeh Attraction0

    Bukit Sari Sangeh attraction is virtually never quite from pre-wedding shoots. This cultural activity in combination with technology is always held every day. On Sunday (Mar. 5), for instance, the pre-wedding shoots were made for 10 couples. “Tomorrow and the next day, there are reservations of photographers to make photo shoots,” said Operations Manager of

  • Berawa Beach Becomes Playground of Surfing Lovers

    Berawa Beach Becomes Playground of Surfing Lovers0

    Berawa Beach in Canggu area has developed quite well because the surrounding locations are possible to be developed into tourist destination if managed properly. Many villas are growing like mushrooms in rainy season. Since the development of tourism industry in Bali is quite well, sometimes travelers are also looking for an alternative to Kuta and

  • Admire Spectacular Burst of Waves at Water Blow of Nusa Dua

    Admire Spectacular Burst of Waves at Water Blow of Nusa Dua0

    Nusa Dua Beach is one of the resort areas located in the southern part of the Island of Bali and is often used to organize international events such as the APEC Summit and the United Nations Conference so that it is frequently visited by the leaders of various countries. Other than offering the beauty of

  • Pererenan Beach has New Icon: Gajah Mina

    Pererenan Beach has New Icon: Gajah Mina0

    Pererenan Beach, located at Pererenan village, Mengwi, Badung spread along some 2 kilometers, was previously unkown to tourists exept a few surfing enthusiasts. Pererenan villages authorities working with the LPM have made some imporvement to the beach including errecting a Gajah Mina statue on the beach. The distinctive Gajah Mina statue is meant to serve

  • Fire War Tradition of Tuban Symbolizes Magical Power

    Fire War Tradition of Tuban Symbolizes Magical Power0

    Indeed Bali has inexhaustible traditions and cultures. As carried out by Tuban customary village, Kuta, they perform a ritual handed down from ancestors through generations known as siat geni or fire war. This tradition is undertaken by two groups of customary youth club from two hamlets namely the Tuban Geria and Pesalakan in Tuban. They

  • Jimbaran Market

    Jimbaran Market0

    Jimbaran Market The Jimbaran market, also known as ‘Pasar Desa Adat Jimbaran’, is the main source of fresh groceries and daily necessities among the local residents of the Jimbaran village. This morning market is centrally located on the Jalan Uluwatu main road, before entering the sunset and seafood beachfront area of Jimbaran bay. Busiest at

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