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  • Unique, Magoak-goakan Tradition in Kintamani

    Unique, Magoak-goakan Tradition in Kintamani0

    Kintamani customary village held magoak-goakan tradition on Thursday (Mar. 23). The tradition was attended by approximately 4,000 people ranging from children, adolescents, adults to the elderly. The tradition was organized in a series of Nyepi Desa at the local customary village. From the morning, thousands of people putting on middle traditional attires have thronged the

  • Pampering travelers with Tri Hita Karana concept

    Pampering travelers with Tri Hita Karana concept0

    Tourism village in Bangli is not only Penglipuran alone. In Tembuku subdistrict, there is Undisan tourism village. Even though having been stipulated in the mid of 2014, the tourism village applying the Tri Hita Karana (three sources of happiness) concept is already quite well known among travelers.

  • Come Take Photos on Selfie Twin Hills

    Come Take Photos on Selfie Twin Hills0

    Do you like taking selfies? If so, the Selfie Twin Hills are the place for you. Located at Guliang Kawan hamlet, Bunutin village, Bangli, the Selfie Twin Hills provide charming natural scenery that is ideal for taking selfies and is fast becoming a popular tourist destination.

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