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  • Now, Penelokan Looks More Beautiful

    Now, Penelokan Looks More Beautiful0

    Arrangement project of Penelokan tourist object claiming the budget of IDR 12 billion was completed. As planned, the main tourist attraction of the Bangli district government will be officially opened for tourists this January. Even though it hasn’t been opened to the public, a number of tourists have come to Penelokan to enjoy the panorama

  • Krisik Waterfall Increasingly Has Fun

    Krisik Waterfall Increasingly Has Fun0

    Community of Tembuku village Bangli, keeps exploring the existing natural potential to be developed into an attractive tourist destination. After successfully featuring a tourist destination named the Tukad Cepung Waterfall, now the village community has another attraction named the Krisik Waterfall. The new tourist object is presented and managed by farmers of Subak Tembuku Kelod.

  • Tradition of Barong Ngunya at Serokadan Village

    Tradition of Barong Ngunya at Serokadan Village0

    Virtually all villages have unique traditions denoting the heritage from their ancestors. Residents of Serokadan customary village, Susut, Bangli, for instance, regularly organize Ngelawang Agung or Barong Ngunya (street show) every Kuningan Day. Chief of Serokadan customary village, I Dewa Gede Oka, revealed that Ngelawang Agung is indeed held every Kuningan Day. It is different

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