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  • Pampering travelers with Tri Hita Karana concept

    Pampering travelers with Tri Hita Karana concept0

    Tourism village in Bangli is not only Penglipuran alone. In Tembuku subdistrict, there is Undisan tourism village. Even though having been stipulated in the mid of 2014, the tourism village applying the Tri Hita Karana (three sources of happiness) concept is already quite well known among travelers.

  • Come Take Photos on Selfie Twin Hills

    Come Take Photos on Selfie Twin Hills0

    Do you like taking selfies? If so, the Selfie Twin Hills are the place for you. Located at Guliang Kawan hamlet, Bunutin village, Bangli, the Selfie Twin Hills provide charming natural scenery that is ideal for taking selfies and is fast becoming a popular tourist destination.

  • Let’s Have Sightseeing to Tamanbali Village

    Let’s Have Sightseeing to Tamanbali Village0

    Potential of nature tourism is not only owned by North Bangli like Kintamani area. Tamanbali village located in South Bangli also has similar potential. Moreover, it has drawn the interest of domestic and foreign travelers as holiday destination.

  • Pristine Beauty of Bunutin Waterfalls

    Pristine Beauty of Bunutin Waterfalls0

    There are many charming waterfalls in Bangli including the yellow waterfalls at Tamanbali village and Cepung River waterfalls at Tembuku village, and Bunutin waterfalls. As the name implies, Bunutin waterfalls are located in Bunutin village, Kintamani

  • Let’s Make a Trip to Malet Kuta Mesir Waterfall

    Let’s Make a Trip to Malet Kuta Mesir Waterfall0

    For those having a hobby in nature recreation, there is an interesting object to visit. It is the waterfall in Bangli that can be found at some locations. However, a few has not been well-known to the public. One of them is the Malet Kuta Mesir waterfall located at Malet Kuta Mesir hamlet, Tiga, Susut.

  • Toya Bungkah

    Toya Bungkah0

    Have you ever visited Toya Bungkah? If not, try making time to visit this natural attraction located in Bangli. Not only can the beautiful scenery be enjoyed but these natural hot springs are believed to be able to cure various skin diseases and itching. Toya Bungkah hot springs are diverted to a holding pool that

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