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  • Kintamani


    Kintamani is one of Bali’s most popular tourist destinations featuring the active volcano of Mount Batur and beautiful Lake Batur. Apart from its captivating natural wonders, Kintamani is also home to six ancient villages located around the cauldron of Lake Batur they are known as Bali Age (original Balinese) Villages.

  • Kehen Temple

    Kehen Temple0

    Kehen Temple is a beautiful Hindu temple located in the southern foothills of Bangli Regency, located about 45 kilometers from Denpasar. Inside the temple’s Panyimpenan Temple building there are 3 inscriptions related to the temples history and peurpose. Many people from Bali and abroad come to visit with its magnificent view of the low-lands..

  • Exquisite Mount Batur

    Exquisite Mount Batur0

    Every single tourist attraction must always have a favorite area for visitors frequently explored to increase tourist arrivals. Well, the Mount Batur itself has several areas highlighted namely the mountain crater, caldera and the lake that we know as Lake Batur. Interestingly, there is an underground water flow draining the water of Lake Batur to

  • Dalem Balingkang Temple

    Dalem Balingkang Temple0

    Dalem Balingkang Temple situated in a remote area at the northern side of Lake Batur. It is situated on the eastern part of Penulisan Hill, some 40 kms from Bangli Town, precisely in Pinggan Village, Kinatamani District. The place is easy to reach with vehicles. Reaching the parking area, a guest should go on foot

  • Bayung Gede Village

    Bayung Gede Village0

    Bayung Gede village belongs to ancient village in Bali whose charms remain to be preserved to date. Then, Bayung Gede village was developed into a new tourism village approximately in 2010. According to an expert, Thomas A Reuters, Bayung Gede poses an ancient village becoming the parent of a number of other ancient villages in

  • Batur Temple

    Batur Temple0

    Batur temple which is more familiar with the name Ulun Danu Temple is known as beautiful temple in Bali. The temple exists very close with Mount Batur exactly the southwestern slope of Mount Batur. Even, there is Lake Batur at the foot of the Mount Batur makes the beauty of the temple more complete. At

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