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  • Terunyan Village

    Terunyan Village0

    Lies at the edge of Lake Batur, to the west of Abrig Hill, Kintamani. Villagers here are “native Balinese” referred to as “Bali Aga” people, This village with its unique traditions, can be reached by 30 minute boat ride from Kedisan Village across Lake Batur. The name Terunyan was derived from the word “Taru” and

  • Tamanbali Raja

    Tamanbali Raja0

    Tamanbali Raja, Bangli is a tourist attraction where visitors can enjoy the beauty the countryside with its spectacular terraced paddy fields. Here visitors can also enjoy the splendour of a pool that is a relic from a previously reigning monarch and was clearly part of the royal palace and likely used as a place to

  • Puncak Penulisan Temple

    Puncak Penulisan Temple0

    Puncak Penulisan Temple, located in Sukawana village, Bangli County at an altitude of 1,745 meters above sea level, is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva as one of the manifestations of God Almighty. This temple houses many relics that date from between the Megalithic periode, up until the Hindu era in Bali. The temple

  • Penglipuran Village

    Penglipuran Village0

    A pleasant, cool village with breathtaking views is located not far from the road to Bangli in Kintamani. It is only some 700 meters above sea level. There is a traditional village called Penglipuran that belongs to the administrative regency of Kubu. There are different versions of the meaning of Penglipuran. One version says that

  • Kuning Waterfall

    Kuning Waterfall0

    Kining Waterfall is situated at Kuning Hamlet in the south of Bangli, near the Taman Bali Raja tourist attraction. This location can be reached taking a pathway along 500 meters surrounded by a verdant clove plantation on each side. Here, visitors will perceive cool and fresh air. The Kuning Waterfall itself is situated at an

  • Kintamani


    Kintamani is one of Bali’s most popular tourist destinations featuring the active volcano of Mount Batur and beautiful Lake Batur. Apart from its captivating natural wonders, Kintamani is also home to six ancient villages located around the cauldron of Lake Batur they are known as Bali Age (original Balinese) Villages.

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