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  • Taking Selfie at the Black Bamboo Tower

    Taking Selfie at the Black Bamboo Tower0

    Fog was descending on Wanagiri village, Sukasada, Buleleng, when we arrived and soon it started to drizzle and cool air swept in, even though it was high noon. Although the weather was not ideal for taking pictures, we were enthusiastic about taking selfies at the Black Bamboo Tower. This location is one of eight selfie

  • Jambangan Waterfall Awaits Your Coming

    Jambangan Waterfall Awaits Your Coming0

    Tourist objects relying on natural beauty remaining pristine increasingly emerge in Buleleng. One of them is Jambangan waterfall at Kelampuak, Tamblang village, Kubutambahan. This adds to the number of waterfall attractions in North Bali, other than the existing ones such as the waterfall at Gitgit village, Sukasada, waterfall at Sambangan and Lemukih village, Sawan subdistrict.

  • Hobbit house at Pedawa village, Offer sensation like ‘Lord of the Rings’ film

    Hobbit house at Pedawa village, Offer sensation like ‘Lord of the Rings’ film0

    Pedawa village in Banjar subdistrict, Buleleng, is not only well known as a coffee producing area or unique tradition owned. However, this village belonging to a Bali Aga or ancient village also has a tourist attraction in the form of Hobbit House. Although it was just opened a few months ago, tourist arrivals are quite

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