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  • Tao Park in Sukasada, Natural Beauty with Splashing of River Water

    Tao Park in Sukasada, Natural Beauty with Splashing of River Water0

    Tourism objects in Buleleng district are not only limited to beaches, lakes and waterfalls. Along with its development, riverside is also transformed into an object that is quite capable of attracting travelers to make a visit. For example, it has been done by Tao (shaded) Park at Bantang Banua neighborhood, Sukasada village/subdistrict.

  • Batu Kursi Hill, An Exotic Attraction Offering Two Views

    Batu Kursi Hill, An Exotic Attraction Offering Two Views0

    When spending holidays, making a visit to tourist attractions can become an option. It does not only kill time, but also eliminates fatigue after busyness with a myriad of activities. Among the many attractions, Batu Kursi (literally chair stone) may become an option that can be included in your itinerary. The hill is located in

  • The Anker Wreck

    The Anker Wreck0

    No-one knows the name of this small wooden boat, even if it had one, or what brought it to the area. The wreck is actually named for the anchor that still lies about 6-8M from the surface. You follow the anchor chain down the steep slope to the flattened remains of the shipwreck (35-50M), which

  • Garden Eel Point

    Garden Eel Point0

    Starting this dive from the most north-western tip of Menjangan Island, following the wall southwards towards the Bali/Menjangan channel, you will see some of the most healthy and diverse coral on Menjangan. The cracks and breaks in the wall are filled with a great diversity of reef fish. If conditions dictate that you cannot enter

  • Pos II

    Pos II0

    Located on Menjangan’s most south-easterly point, Pos II can be beach-entry or boat-entry, and is usually drift-diving: whether beach or boat, the dives start at 12M, where the white sand slope meets the top of the wall. If there is a current, it is generally north-easterly. Slowly descending along the wall, drifting with the current,

  • Singsing Waterfall

    Singsing Waterfall0

    During the summer, the volume of the waterfall decreases. The uphill path to the waterfall makes for a pleasant hike. Singsing waterfall is located walking distance from, making this waterfall popular with visitors staying in Lovina.

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