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  • Sanctuary of Jaya Prana

    Sanctuary of Jaya Prana0

    Sanctuary of Jaya Prana and Layon Sari is located in a grove of Teluk Terima, Sumberklampok village, Gerokgak, approximately 67 km west of Singaraja town. This sanctuary retains a romantic love story like the story of Romeo and Juliet in Europe or Sampek Engtay in China. Jaya Prana and Layon Sari is an ideal couple

  • Rice Terrace of Busungbiu

    Rice Terrace of Busungbiu0

    This expanse of terraced paddy field is located at the south end of Busungbiu village, approximately 39 km south of the town of Singaraja. Precisely, it perches at the verge of the Singaraja–Denpasar road section via Pupuan. This overlay of paddy fields look very stunning with the background of green hills. Amidst of the paddy

  • Pulaki Temple

    Pulaki Temple0

    Pulaki temple is one of unique temple in Bali located at Banyupoh village, Gerokgak subdistrict, approximately 53 km west of the town of Singaraja. The temple that belong to Dang Kahyangan temples (to venerate ancient sages) in Bali is habited by hundreds of monkeys. It is functioned for a specific purpose in a spiritual life

  • Pearl Farming

    Pearl Farming0

    There are many interesting things to see in the waters of west Buleleng. Many visitors simply enjoy the natural beauty of the under water world here, especially around Menjagan island. However there is also a pearl cultivation center that visitors can also enjoy. It is similar to the one found at Sumber Kelampok and is

  • Munduk Waterfall

    Munduk Waterfall0

    It is one of the fabulous waterfall on the island that is located in the village of Munduk, north Bali. The path down to the waterfall is densely planted with clove and coffee trees as well as Avocado, Taro, Banana and some Durian tree. You can have such a great exercise while learning about the

  • Menjangan Island

    Menjangan Island0

    Menjangan Island is a coral island located at the northwest tip of the Island of Bali. The island is easily accessed via Labuan Lalang at Sumber Klampok village, Gerokgak subdistrict, is approximately 55 km south of the town of Singaraja. The island is one of the best diving sites in the world. Here, the beauty

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