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Maca Villa and SPA

  • The Palace of Satria

    The Palace of Satria0

    The palace of Satria, located about 300 meters towards the north of Taman Puputan Square at Veteran Street, as one of the palace attractions in the City Tour programs.

  • The Temple of Jagatnatha

    The Temple of Jagatnatha0

    Jagatnatha Temple is located at the east of Taman Puputan Square at Major Wisnu Street. It’s Hindhu temple closed to the Museum Bali which is a part of city Tour attraction. The high structure of the Padmasana is the unique shrine of the temple.

  • Sanur Beach

    Sanur Beach0

    Sanur Beach is one of the attractive beaches on the Island of Bali, The beach spreads along 3 kilometers with a coastline facing eastward. Sanur Beach is famous for its clean white sand and gentle beaches. In addition, it is also a rocky beach so that it has its own advantages,

  • Puputan Badung Square

    Puputan Badung Square0

    Taman Puputan Badung (Badung suicide/war square) is so named in remembrance of the “battle” that took place on September 20th, 1906 between the King of Badung with his Balinese court and the Dutch who were invading their land.

  • The Palace of Pemecutan

    The Palace of Pemecutan0

    The palace is located at Thamrin st, about 200 meters toward the west af Taman puputan and becomes one of the palace attractions. It’s closed to the main traditional market of Pasar Badung/Kumbasari. The palace has a unique Balinese traditional architecture which was constructed in the 16 th century. The head king of the Puri

  • Padanggalak Beach

    Padanggalak Beach0

    Padanggalak Beach is located in the north of Sanur. In contrast to Sanur Beach area, Padanggalak offers big waves and shiny black sand. As the waves are big enough water sport activities are frequently organized on this beach. Meanwhile, Balinese people use this beach to hold various religious ceremonies, such as purificatory rituals for their

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