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  • Perancak


    Perancak Village is located in southern Jembrana approximately 10 km from the town of Negara. This beach side village is home to farmers and fishermen and Perancak Beach is an ideal place to enjoy the beautiful panorama of the Indian Ocean especially as the sun sets behind the shadow of the eastern tip of the

  • Pengeragoan Beach

    Pengeragoan Beach0

    Pengeragoan Beach is located to south of the main road of Denpasar-Gilimanuk on the eastern tip of Jembrana Regency, which borders Tabanan Regency. Here, there is a rest area complete with a food stand, and other supporting facilities.

  • Pekutatan Beach

    Pekutatan Beach0

    Pekutatan beach offers a magnificent sunrise and sunset scenery where tourists can enjoy their time taking a refreshing swim or just relaxing in a quiet place. The beach and the live style it offers are interesting attractions for tourists. This location is also suitable for surfing and other water sports

  • Palasari Dam

    Palasari Dam0

    The Palasari Dam is located at Ekasari village, Melaya subdistrict, in Jembrana, 26 km to the west of the town of Negara. The dam serves to control flooding in the area and as a source of irrigation water for farmers and for fishing and other forms of recreation.

  • Museum of Ancient Man

    Museum of Ancient Man0

    Since 1963, Indonesian archeological experts including Prof Dr. R Soejono and Prof. Dr. T Jacob have been conducting research in the area of Gilimanuk. Their studies revealed hundreds of human skeletons dating from the end of the prehistoric age and have all the hallmark features of the mongoloid race.

  • Medewi Beach

    Medewi Beach0

    Medewi Beach is one of a unique beach located at Jembrana Regency, Pekutatan Subdistric, Medewi Village or 72 km west of Denpasar. It offers a very charming curve of beach. This beach is quiet different from others because the sorrounding mostly cover by stone.

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