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  • Yeh Malet

    Yeh Malet0

    Yeh Malet Beach, situated in Antiga Village in the sub-district of Manggis, is a tourist destination in Karangasem that is ideal for unwinding after journeying along Amlapura-Depasar road. The area is equipped with a rest area and several food stalls and from here visitors can continue on to many of Karangsem’s fascinating tourist attractions.

  • Virgin Beach

    Virgin Beach0

    Bali is an island with an abundance of beautiful and exotic beaches. There is one beach located in Karangasem East Bali that is considered a hidden paradise because very few travellers have come to explore this beautiful site. This beach has several kicknames including; White Sandy Beach, Prasi Beach and Virgin Beach.

  • Tirtagangga Park, Holy water of Abadi Village

    Tirtagangga Park, Holy water of Abadi Village0

    The kingdom of Karangasem left a wonderful heritage site that has become a popular tourist attraction; Soekasada Water Palace and the Tirtagangga Water Park where there are a number of beautiful ponds that have been enjoyed by many people ever since they were first created.

  • Telaga Waja

    Telaga Waja0

    Telaga Waja is the name of a river whose streams flow in Rendang, a district of Karangasem County. This river flows clearly with a fairly swift current. Interestingly, this location offers a landscape that combines the splendor of rice fields and the green hills that sheltering them.

  • Taman Sukasada Ujung Water Garden

    Taman Sukasada Ujung Water Garden0

    Taman Sukasada Ujung is a water pleasure garden, built in the early 1900’s by the king of Karangasem as a special area of the palace designed to receive important guests and visiting foreign dignitaries. Located just 5 km out of Amlapura, this serene garden was inspired by a combination of classic Balinese and European architectural

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