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  • Virgin Beach

    Virgin Beach0

    Bali is an island with an abundance of beautiful and exotic beaches. There is one beach located in Karangasem East Bali that is considered a hidden paradise because very few travellers have come to explore this beautiful site. This beach has several kicknames including; White Sandy Beach, Prasi Beach and Virgin Beach.

  • Tirtagangga Park, Holy water of Abadi Village

    Tirtagangga Park, Holy water of Abadi Village0

    The kingdom of Karangasem left a wonderful heritage site that has become a popular tourist attraction; Soekasada Water Palace and the Tirtagangga Water Park where there are a number of beautiful ponds that have been enjoyed by many people ever since they were first created.

  • Telaga Waja

    Telaga Waja0

    Telaga Waja is the name of a river whose streams flow in Rendang, a district of Karangasem County. This river flows clearly with a fairly swift current. Interestingly, this location offers a landscape that combines the splendor of rice fields and the green hills that sheltering them.

  • Taman Sukasada Ujung Water Garden

    Taman Sukasada Ujung Water Garden0

    Taman Sukasada Ujung is a water pleasure garden, built in the early 1900’s by the king of Karangasem as a special area of the palace designed to receive important guests and visiting foreign dignitaries. Located just 5 km out of Amlapura, this serene garden was inspired by a combination of classic Balinese and European architectural

  • Sibetan Village

    Sibetan Village0

    Snakefruit or salak as they are called din Bali, are the first thing that visitors to Sibetan village Karangasem see when they arrive. Sibetan is in fact famous for its snake-fruit that supply most of Bali. Sibetan has become a favorite agro-tourism destination where visitor can stay in people homes and experience snake-fruit first hand.

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