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  • Charming Bulian Beach in Nusa Penida

    Charming Bulian Beach in Nusa Penida1

    Within the past few years, the government of Klungkung has promoted Nusa Penida massively. Every year it organizes festival to introduce all the potentials owned by the region of bijou island cluster. Several new tourist attractions begin to emerge as alternative destinations other than Lembongan and Ceningan having been well known. Two of them are

  • Tihingan Village

    Tihingan Village0

    Tihingan Village is located in Banjarangkan Subdistrict, and can be reached either by motorcycle or car. It is approximately 3 km west of Semarapura City and the road section to the village has been already paved. This village is the center of gamelan makers.

  • Semarajaya Museum

    Semarajaya Museum0

    Semarajaya Museum is a glory building with a unique architecture, a combination of fascinating old Holland style and traditional Balinese style. This building is located in the downtown of Semarapura, exactly in the westside of Kertha Gosa and Taman Gili.

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