Kayu Raja Villa
Maca Villa and SPA

  • Tihingan Village

    Tihingan Village0

    Tihingan Village is located in Banjarangkan Subdistrict, and can be reached either by motorcycle or car. It is approximately 3 km west of Semarapura City and the road section to the village has been already paved. This village is the center of gamelan makers.

  • Semarajaya Museum

    Semarajaya Museum0

    Semarajaya Museum is a glory building with a unique architecture, a combination of fascinating old Holland style and traditional Balinese style. This building is located in the downtown of Semarapura, exactly in the westside of Kertha Gosa and Taman Gili.

  • Nyoman Gunarsa Museum

    Nyoman Gunarsa Museum0

    This Museum is strategically located in Nada Village, Takmung about 3 Km west of the Town of Semarapura, Klungkung Regency. The Museum was designed by a architect favoring the Modern Bali style. Nyoman Gunarsa Museum houses several classic Balinese painting, from the past, but also newer paintings, as well as masterworks by the museum’s founder

  • Nusa Penida Islands

    Nusa Penida Islands0

    Nusa Penida is one of Klungkung Regencie’s four districts and is comprised of 3 islands: Penida, Lembongan and Ceningan. All three islands are home to beautiful white sand beaches, and crystal clear water ideal for exploring the beautiful underwater world of myriad species of colorful fish and splendid coral flora. There are a number of

  • Puputan Klungkung Monument

    Puputan Klungkung Monument0

    Puputan Klungkung Monument is a historic cenotaph with the Balinese architecture in a shape of Lingga Yoni, erected on a height of 28 meters from the base to its top, supported with a line of dioramas narrating the episode of the battle to the last blood shed within. It is located in Semarapura town, exactly

  • Labuan Ampuak

    Labuan Ampuak0

    Labuan Ampuak is locatedin Pelilit Hamlet, Atuh Beach and Calung with an altitude of approximately 100 meters above sea level. The almost-perfect concept of natural beauty known as the “Nyegara-Gunung” region offers a beautiful scenery surrounded by: Tunjuk Pusuh Hill, Nyahi Hill, Juntil Hill and others as well as the coastal region called the Titibehu

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