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  • Matekap, a Farming Activity Made into Tourist Attraction

    Matekap, a Farming Activity Made into Tourist Attraction0

    For the people of the Island of Gods, matekap (plowing) by cattle may be an ordinary activity. However, it becomes a tremendous attraction for foreign tourists. They are not only satisfied with capturing through photos, but they also scramble to try it. They are willing to get in touch with mud when trying with local

  • Forty Types of Medicine Prepared at Tamba Waras Temple

    Forty Types of Medicine Prepared at Tamba Waras Temple0

    Various strange and mystical incidents occurred at this temple. However, not all people have the capability of experiencing them. Probably, only ‘selected’ people can experience this spiritual sensation. The Tamba Waras Temple or commonly known as the Tambo Waras holds its pujawali or festival every six months namely on Buda Umanis Perangbakat. At that time,

  • Yeh Gangga Beach

    Yeh Gangga Beach0

    Yeh Gangga Beach is located approximately 9 kilometers west of Tanah Lot, Tabanan. It offers a charming sunset view but has a slightly dangerous sea and suitable for surfers. The beach posing the end of many small rivers and bordering with the overlay of verdant rice field in the southern side that composes a really

  • Tatag, a Unique Tourism Village worth Exploring

    Tatag, a Unique Tourism Village worth Exploring0

    Birdsongs greet the tranquil natural countryside where birds perch on green branches and fly away exalting in their freedom. Below ducks play in the rice field and have become so familiar with farmers that they causal look for food in the watery paddy fields, undisturbed by those who walk near them.

  • Puri Anyar Kerambitan

    Puri Anyar Kerambitan0

    A visit to Tabanan would not be complete without stopping by Puri Anyar in Kerambitan village, located about 28 km from Denpasar and 80 minutes form Ngurah Rai airport. Puri Anyar Kerambitan is the former palace of the Kingdom of Tabanan and was built in the seventeenth century in distinctive Balinese style and the buildings

  • Puri Agung Kerambitan

    Puri Agung Kerambitan0

    Puri Agung Kerambitan is a seventeenth century palace in Tabanan that is still well preserved and which covers an area of approximately two hectares. Puri Agung Kerambitan is located about six km southwest of the town of Tabanan, in Kerambitan village.

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