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  • Solid Waste Management

    Solid Waste Management0

    Solid waste management can become a negative issue in tourism sector in Bali.  Some visitors have been complaining about Bali for being dirty (Art and Tourism Bali’s or ATB’s data).  Thus, Bali needs to take action to resolve such a problem. 

  • Indonesia Tourism and Green Hotel Philosophy in Denpasar

    Indonesia Tourism and Green Hotel Philosophy in Denpasar0

    Green Hotel in Denpasar is the seeds of the Green Hotel philosophy as proclaimed by the government, in particular the ones to be implemented in the city of Denpasar having been sown long ago in Bali.

  • Philosophy of Green Hotel in Balinese Local Wisdom

    Philosophy of Green Hotel in Balinese Local Wisdom0

    Globalization provides the opportunities for the revival of the local cultural identity (local genius) worldwide. Local wisdom and local genius are part of culture in the perspective of Hinduism. It is a human and community policy referring to the philosophy, values, ethics, ways and behaviors having traditionally institutionalized in managing natural resources,

  • Ida Ayu Dewi Apriyanti

    Ida Ayu Dewi Apriyanti0

    “Green Hotel Program of Denpasar Municipality through the Tourism Office is almost in line with the program being implemented by the Inna Grand Bali Beach (IGBB) all this time. Hotel has an open green space planted with a variety of local and rare plants. Green hotel is very important, so that it is not only

  • Ery Suwartawan

    Ery Suwartawan0

    As far as our understanding of Green hotel it appears green and filled with trees, but what we get from the dissemination of the green hotel by the municipality of Denpasar truly in detail. Not just about trees, but also related to waste management, human resources and licensing. Therefore we are very appreciate  on guidance

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