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  • Quest San Hotel Denpasar Offers Five Meeting Rooms

    Quest San Hotel Denpasar Offers Five Meeting Rooms0

    Quest San Hotel Denpasar is famous for its accommodation offering the most complete meeting facilities. Moreover, the hotel located at Jalan Mahendradatta No.93 Denpasar offers a meeting room pursuant to the needs. “We have five meeting rooms with various capacities,” said Human Resource Department (HRD), Agung Pradnya Darsika, when being visited by the Denpasar Green

  • Grand Inna Bali Beach Serious with Green Hotel

    Grand Inna Bali Beach Serious with Green Hotel0

    Related to Green Hotel, Grand Inna Bali Beach is the most vivacious to implement the program launched by the Denpasar municipality. Moreover, this accommodation established in 1963 formerly named Hotel Bali Beach has entered the spirit of green hotel into all fields. “We are serious with the green hotel program because we know the benefits,”

  • Mercure Resort Sanur Raises Cow

    Mercure Resort Sanur Raises Cow0

    Have you ever heard a hotel raising cow? Well, it is carried out by the Mercure Resort Sanur at one corner of the hotel. This four-legged animal is not meant to add hotel’s revenue, but as an icon of Mercure Resort Sanur as well as a tourist attraction. “The cow is named Angelique having been

  • Making Banten Becomes an Attraction at Puri Maharani Hotel

    Making Banten Becomes an Attraction at Puri Maharani Hotel0

    The activities of making banten or offerings to be dedicated to God become an attraction for tourists at Puri Maharani Hotel. This cultural activity of the Hindu community in Bali is indeed regularly carried out every day, not deliberately packed into tourist attraction. In fact, it is much favored by hotel guests. 

  • Fairmont Sanur Fight Against Plastic Waste

    Fairmont Sanur Fight Against Plastic Waste0

    “To keep our earth having given its grace to all of us, namely on the land, sea and air, we must make every effort as much as possible considering the life on earth is the responsibility of all the planet’s inhabitants,” said Director of Operations of Fairmont Hotel Sanur, Erlangga Farizky. “Even though we do

  • Come on Swim at Hotel…

    Come on Swim at Hotel…0

    When wishing to feel the swimming atmosphere at hotel, you can choose the pool at Harris Hotel & Residences Sunset Road. This hotel located on Jalan Pura Mertasari, Sunset Road, Kuta Bali, gives the public the opportunity to do their hobby, especially splashing with water. “General public can take advantage of this pool,” said Pande,

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