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  • Air Quality Management (indoor & Outdor)

    Air Quality Management (indoor & Outdor)0

    Two main aspects on measurements of air quality management in the green hotel program in Indonesia are as follows: (a) Knowledge about management of air quality (indoor and outdoor) and (b) Availability of tools or supporting instruments as well as facilities or systems related to management of air quality (indoor and outdoor).

  • Tri Andika

    Tri Andika0

    “We are very pleased to be one of the hotels appointed to receive the dissemination team of Denpasar green hotel considering the constraints and benchmarks of this program are needed by tourism players, both concerning the environment and human resources. To that end, we can improve the quality of our tourism mainly in terms of

  • Ida Ayu Oka Upadani

    Ida Ayu Oka Upadani0

    “Responding to the presence of the green hotel program implemented by the government of Denpasar through the dissemination activity, we are very glad because the green concept here is extremely important in the sustainable tourism. In the future, the green will become an icon of world tourism. Surely we very much support the program and

  • I Nyoman Adhi Wistiawan

    I Nyoman Adhi Wistiawan0

    “Actually we have applied the green hotel concept based on the Tri Hita Karana denoting the local genius of Balinese people. It has something to do with land utilization, types of plant, and cooperation with neighborhood where the hotel is located. The presence of green hotel will certainly enhance the existing green stages having been

  • Adi Haryanto

    Adi Haryanto0

    “We are a city hotel. To comply with the ideal criteria of green hotel is very far. Nevertheless, we are very pleased to receive the dissemination of green hotel because we believe that having the understanding on the concept in details will help us realize the concept pursuant to our condition. The government has good

  • Action And Culture of Energy Efficiency

    Action And Culture of Energy Efficiency0

    As described on my article entitled “Energy Efficiency and Conservation Management” published on Bali Travel News (BTN) Aug 12-25’s edition, “action and culture of energy efficiency” is an aspect that needs to be considered on Energy Efficiency and Conservation Management.  There are some points covered on this aspect, including  things described below.

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