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  • Ida Bagus Gde Cendra Setiawan

    Ida Bagus Gde Cendra Setiawan0

    “Philosophy of Green Hotel does not only have to be understood and implemented by the hospitality industry but also by everyone. Bali has uniqueness in tourism compared to other regions. The role of Hinduism, Balinese customs, environment and human beings results in synergies having inspired the Bali tourism. Government program about Green Hotel is very

  • Harimbawo Sukarma

    Harimbawo Sukarma0

    “We then have better understanding when there is program like this. Green Hotel provides new insights for us to perform better. As a new hotel in Sanur, the commitment to green concept, environment and community culture surely becomes our primary concern. This is a powerful capital for the preservation of cultural tourism of Bali. Our

  • Mariani Trisnahati

    Mariani Trisnahati0

    “Thanks for the implementation of Green Hotel program. We can improve and complement deficiencies. It included the licensing, energy-saving efforts, environmental regulation and of course about the learning on the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana. We strongly support this program.” (Director of Human Capital, The Oasis Lagoon Sanur)

  • Denny


    “Sanur has its own peculiarities in Bali tourism. And we are already familiar with the concept of Green Hotel. When this program is on offer, we do no longer hesitate to support it. The program is very good and educates all parties about how to treat natural environment, culture and maintain harmony with the surrounding

  • Parigata Resort N Villa Sanur Applies Green Concept

    Parigata Resort N Villa Sanur Applies Green Concept0

    When talking about green, the Parigata Resort N Villa Sanur has done it long before the government of Denpasar launched the green hotel program. However, conceptually the green arrangement is still simple in accordance with the condition and forms of existing acreage. Nevertheless, in terms of practice, all the green concepts have been materialized, so

  • Ni Wayan Nita Antarini

    Ni Wayan Nita Antarini0

    “Green Hotel Program of the government of Denpasar is very nice. This program will help improve any drawbacks owned by the hotel, so that it will be getting better. And the scope does not only include plants and waste but also the matter of licensing, energy saving effort and relations to local communities. And, most

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