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  • Virgin Beach

    Virgin Beach0

    Some time ago, I enjoyed the beauty of Virgin Beach in Karangasem district. The location is indeed beautiful, tranquil and not much touched by the roars of the tourism facilities development. No wonder, it is named Virgin Beach, in accordance with its pristine atmosphere. Although not so long, the range of the beach spreads along

  • Diplomacy of Barong Landung

    Diplomacy of Barong Landung0

    Around a month ago, tourists from China were really cranky. Their visit to Bali absolutely reached zero point. Just imagine, approximately 1,500 Chinese tourists arrive every month but now they are totally quiet. Due to travel warning issued by their government, Chinese tourist visit to the Island of the Gods really and totally stuck. The

  • Enough Is Enough

    Enough Is Enough0

    Recently the weather conditions are quite extreme causing some places in Bali, especially in some tourist attractions, to have a problem. High rainfall makes water overflow in the rivers that result in flooding. The canals and irrigation systems made previously are not capable of delivering water to the sea perfectly so that it inundates the

  • The Eggs in One Basket

    The Eggs in One Basket0

    Can Bali possibly survive without the existence tourism? This kind of question has emerged for several times in formal and informal discussions or was at issue in the Internet or social media lately. Emergence of this question is not without a reason. First of all, it happened due to the impact of Ngurah Rai Airport

  • Bali Recovery

    Bali Recovery0

    Amid the tourism recovery efforts undertaken by all elements of society in Bali, it is necessary to consider the basic elements that it is better for us to contemplate or re-think for a while. Do a restart or whatever. In the middle of the Mount Agung eruption disaster hitting the tourism sector of Bali, surely

  • What Do We Actually Want?

    What Do We Actually Want?0

    Actually, what do you want? When traffic jam occurs everywhere, you complain and even emulate through social media. Blame on this party, that party and others. You’re accusing of this agency that does not work, the other agency does not respond to public complaints and so forth. Well, when the streets are empty and you

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