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  • Mutual Assistance

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    No one wants to be a refugee either due to natural disasters, war, economic difficulties or whatever the reason is. The most comfortable and safe place is certainly at one’s own home, home sweet home. However, the facts frequently give the opposite reality. They must evacuate and leave their homes, paddy fields, moors as well

  • Holy Mountain

    Holy Mountain0

    To Balinese community with the majority of Hindu, the existence of a mountain is very important. It symbolizes prosperity and a sanctified place. As one of the high-rise landscape of the earth, mountain is believed to be the abode of the gods. There are several mountains in Bali, where in the vicinity there are also

  • To Die and Live in Bali

    To Die and Live in Bali0

    Being a Balinese (Hindu) is difficult. Life is difficult and so is death. Moreover, the current life lies in the midst of a variety of life burdens, like carrying the burden of hundred kilo gram. Apparently, it is also difficult to step further. It claims high costs such as daily living expenses, school fees, health

  • Ubud Oh … Ubud

    Ubud Oh … Ubud0

    Again and again it is about Ubud. According to an institution, the rating of this famous destination around the world is now declining. It drastically fell from the third to ninth position. In terms of rank, there is certainly a drastic decline. Definitely, it is not just about the rating but further why it can

  • ‘Hulu’


    The word ‘Hulu’ (Upstream) in Balinese Language can mean differently in accordance with context. One of them is ‘situated upstream.’ Another meaning is ‘relating to the early stages in the operations of a business or industry.’  So, what is the meaning of ‘upstream’ in context of the tourism in Bali?

  • Obama’s Effect

    Obama’s Effect0

    Since the beginning, when Bali first time knew tourism around the 1920s, many famous travelers visited this bijou and pristine island. They were from various professions such as officials, artists, humanists, journalists and so forth. They very much enjoyed the nature, culture, community life and then spread it throughout the world. Since then, Bali began

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