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  • Life and Death in Bali

    Life and Death in Bali0

    Do you still want to die in Bali? This rather ‘rude’ question is actually meant to tease foreign friends, who once wanted to go to Bali. If possible, they wanted to die in Bali. Due to being very much love Bali, they even want to breathe their last in Bali. Indeed Bali, at least at

  • Heart to Heart Policy

    Heart to Heart Policy0

    An environmentalist who is also one of the pioneers of the Bali tourism, I Gusti Agung Prana, some time ago said that there is something ‘forgotten’ by policy makers in this region. They are not only in the context of government, but also entrepreneurs, community leaders, customary leaders and so on. Their command, voice or

  • Masks


    There  are so many Hindu holiday celebrations as well as commemorations of other important customary days that are actually more than enough capital to establish Balinese human character based on Hinduism and strong customs. This will establish a qualified cultural and ritual fortress in the fight against the current wackiness. In the perspective of Balinese

  • Balinese People in Diaspora

    Balinese People in Diaspora0

    Today, a resident of Bali in diaspora no longer feels upset, sad or homesick, especially during religious holidays. One of the Balinese residents who have been living in Europe, for instance, said that in the past he longed for going home during holidays. Right now, although the feeling remains to exist it is not like

  • Mr. Trash

    Mr. Trash0

    Formerly in the area of Gianyar Market there was a man nicknamed Mr. Trash. I wonder who actually his real name is. His work is picking up trash around the market. He gathered it in one place in accordance with his capacity but remained in ​​the market area, too. Some was burned, but often abandoned

  • Have a Nice Holiday in Bali, His Majesty King Salman

    Have a Nice Holiday in Bali, His Majesty King Salman2

    Indeed, many foreign figures that have come to Bali and spent holidays. They are ranging from world-class artists, actors and movie actresses, sportsmen, politicians, presidents and so forth. They come, spend holidays and return to their respective countries. Probably there is a few ‘frenzies’ when they will come and have been in Bali.

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