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  • Farmers and Fishermen

    Farmers and Fishermen0

    During the decades of the 1980s through the 1990s, the profession as a farmer was still promising. At that time, the agricultural land remained widespread.

  • Wonderland of Bali

    Wonderland of Bali0

    Ahead of the New Year 2017, certainly many people, especially those in tourism industry, have been planning everything for the festive event in welcoming the turn of the year. Various events, festivities, tour packages and hotel room package have started to be offered. Of course, there must be something new when welcoming the New Year.

  • Young Generation and Tourism

    Young Generation and Tourism0

    Foreign roamers as well as artists played quite important role in the introduction and development of Bali tourism in the 1920s. A number of famous artists made a visit to Bali, settled and then disseminated news about Bali as a pristine and beautiful island worth visiting. In short, Bali is then famous as it is

  • Bali with ‘Taste of Singapore’

    Bali with ‘Taste of Singapore’0

    Endeavors of the government to revitalize some endangered arts seem to remarkably relieve. At least, there is good faith that what the ancestors passed down in the past will become a heritage for the next generation of Bali.

  • The Decade of 1990

    The Decade of 19900

    Golden era or heyday, a period of triumph or anything has its own season. It has own time or period. If it cannot be managed wisely, the period of such beauty will draw to an end immediately. It will quickly fade and ultimately come the other way around. Bali also experienced such things.

  • Teacher-Student


    Any persons, groups, cities, regions and even countries frequently state that they ‘learn’ from Bali. It is learning in many ways. Whether learning about culture or irrigation system which then got recognition as one of the World Heritages, environmental management based on Tri Hita Karana philosophy

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