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  • Melasti, Purifying Earth before Nyepi

    Melasti, Purifying Earth before Nyepi0

    The Tawur Kesanga Ritual which is held in connection with Nyepi was started with Melasti Ceremony. The ceremony is held by all villages in Bali as the symbol of purification and it is done in the water source such as rover and sea. In Denpasar, Melasti is held in beaches throughout the city. Many Hindus

  • Unique, Magoak-goakan Tradition in Kintamani

    Unique, Magoak-goakan Tradition in Kintamani0

    Kintamani customary village held magoak-goakan tradition on Thursday (Mar. 23). The tradition was attended by approximately 4,000 people ranging from children, adolescents, adults to the elderly. The tradition was organized in a series of Nyepi Desa at the local customary village. From the morning, thousands of people putting on middle traditional attires have thronged the

  • Siyat Sampian Held at Penataran Sasih Temple

    Siyat Sampian Held at Penataran Sasih Temple0

    Hundreds of devotional pilgrims, namely sutri (female) and juru sirat (male), performed siyat sampian (sampian war) tradition on Wednesday (Mar. 15) in the area of Penataran Sasih Temple, Pejeng. This activity was held for three days after the peak of padudusan ritual at the local temple when the deities of Samuan Tiga Temple and ratu

  • Ogoh-ogoh, a Medium of Actualizing Art Creativity

    Ogoh-ogoh, a Medium of Actualizing Art Creativity0

    Parading ogoh-ogoh (papier mâché demon) across the customary village or hamlet at the night of Pengerupukan seems to have become a kind of ‘necessity’ for the majority of customary youth clubs (sekaa taruna) in Bali. All the creativities and imaginations as well as funds are dedicated to make the ogoh-ogoh as perfect as possible.

  • Culture Agency Encourages Regeneration of Wayang Wong Dancers

    Culture Agency Encourages Regeneration of Wayang Wong Dancers0

    Wayang wong sacred dance that is virtually endangered at Ban village, Kubu, can finally be reconstructed. Culture agency came down immediately at that time to explore the potential of the sacred and rare arts. However, the challenge ahead is to continue the regeneration. Karangasem culture agency is currently working to encourage local residents to maintain

  • Fire War Tradition of Tuban Symbolizes Magical Power

    Fire War Tradition of Tuban Symbolizes Magical Power0

    Indeed Bali has inexhaustible traditions and cultures. As carried out by Tuban customary village, Kuta, they perform a ritual handed down from ancestors through generations known as siat geni or fire war. This tradition is undertaken by two groups of customary youth club from two hamlets namely the Tuban Geria and Pesalakan in Tuban. They

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