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  • After the Silence, Omed – Omedan Tradition is held

    After the Silence, Omed – Omedan Tradition is held0

    For more than a century, the residents of Banjar Kaja, Sesetan – an urban village in South Denpasar, gather on the day following Bali’s official day of silence – Nyepi for a truly unique ceremony. Under the guidance of the “Sesetan Heritage Omed – Omedan Festival (SHOF) – the “Omed – Omedan” or “Kissing Festival”

  • Melasti, Purifying Earth before Nyepi

    Melasti, Purifying Earth before Nyepi0

    The Tawur Kesanga Ritual which is held in connection with Nyepi was started with Melasti Ceremony. The ceremony is held by all villages in Bali as the symbol of purification and it is done in the water source such as rover and sea. In Denpasar, Melasti is held in beaches throughout the city. Many Hindus

  • Unique, Magoak-goakan Tradition in Kintamani

    Unique, Magoak-goakan Tradition in Kintamani0

    Kintamani customary village held magoak-goakan tradition on Thursday (Mar. 23). The tradition was attended by approximately 4,000 people ranging from children, adolescents, adults to the elderly. The tradition was organized in a series of Nyepi Desa at the local customary village. From the morning, thousands of people putting on middle traditional attires have thronged the

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