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  • Forty Types of Medicine Prepared at Tamba Waras Temple

    Forty Types of Medicine Prepared at Tamba Waras Temple0

    Various strange and mystical incidents occurred at this temple. However, not all people have the capability of experiencing them. Probably, only ‘selected’ people can experience this spiritual sensation. The Tamba Waras Temple or commonly known as the Tambo Waras holds its pujawali or festival every six months namely on Buda Umanis Perangbakat. At that time,

  • Tamba Waras Temple, a Sanctum to Invoke Recovery

    Tamba Waras Temple, a Sanctum to Invoke Recovery0

    It is said that King of Tabanan, Cokorda Tabanan, was in serious illness. None of the royal healers could heal him. Medicine has been sought after everywhere, but nothing worked. One upon a time, there were hints in the form of revelation that there would be a medicine that could cure the king. The servants

  • Story on a Water-Selling Grandma

    Story on a Water-Selling Grandma1

    It is not difficult to reach this location. Tirta Taman Mumbul Temple is situated around one kilometer from Sangeh tourist attraction. From Denpasar, we must turn right before Sangeh having been famous for its monkey forest. Within less than ten minutes, we will arrive at the destination. This location looks to be halved by the

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