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  • Saraswati Day, Worship God as Creator of Science

    Saraswati Day, Worship God as Creator of Science0

    Hindu community in Bali will celebrate Saraswati feast day on Saturday (Jan. 21) and Banyupinaruh Day on Sunday (Jan. 22). Both feast days fall every six months (210 days). Saraswati Day falling on Saniscara Umanis Watugunung aims to worship the Goddess Saraswati as the creator of science.

  • Polygamy Area, Manifestation of Respect to Women

    Polygamy Area, Manifestation of Respect to Women0

    How unique it is. Penglipuran village in Bangli district can be said as the only anti-polygamy village in Bali. The men at the local village are strictly forbidden from having more than one wife. If they insist on taking polygamy, they must be willing to be ostracized in a vacant land located in the south

  • Unique Nyekar Tradition in Sawan, Buleleng

    Unique Nyekar Tradition in Sawan, Buleleng0

    VIRTUALLY all districts in Bali have unique tradition. One of which is Buleleng district. More uniquely, Buleleng is rich in traditions and religious rituals that cannot be encountered in other regions. Three customary villages in Sawan subdistrict namely the Kerobokan, Kloncing and Sinabun regularly hold nyekar tradition.

  • Tabuh Rah

    Tabuh Rah0

    Tabuh Rah or blood sprinkle of cockfight using sacrificial animals is carried out in a series of religious ceremonies (yadnya). It also denotes a symbol to neutralize bhuta kala as mentioned in the articles of Hinduism chiefly on Lord Shiva. Not all religious ceremonies are accompanied with cockfight. Only the pecaruan ceremonies are appropriately accompanied

  • Typical Kite Fighting of Buleleng

    Typical Kite Fighting of Buleleng0

    If southern Bali has been known to have the tradition of kite playing with the highlight in terms of aesthetic (art), Buleleng has a traditional game having developed since 1970. The culture is known as kite fighting game or commonly referred to as mekorot. Aside from competing kites in the air, the kite enthusiasts also

  • Dalem Tamblingan Traditional Village

    Dalem Tamblingan Traditional Village0

    Preserves Nyakan Diwang Tradition North Bali is truly wealthy when it comes to traditional cultural practices that have been passed down uninterrupted for countless generations. One example is the tradition known as ‘nyakan diwang’ that the people of Catur Desa Adat Dalem Tamblingan, Umajero Village, Gobleg, Munduk, Gesing continue to practice. Nyakan Diwang essentially means

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