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  • Seminyak Meat Shop; Where meat lovers love to meat!

    Seminyak Meat Shop; Where meat lovers love to meat!0

    Seminyak Meat Shop is a newest specialty restaurant that offers high quality steaks coupled with attentive service from the team. It opened its door to public since 5 December 2016 for dinner only from 6PM to 10.30PM daily.

  • Mase Green Cafe Offers Healthy Food

    Mase Green Cafe Offers Healthy Food1

    Have you not found tasty and healthy food? Once upon a time, try to come to Mase Green Cafe located at Soham Wellness Center Kuta, precisely on Jalan Lebak Sari, Seminyak. This cafe offers the concept of healthy food with organic ingredients and without MSG.

  • Sticky and Sweet Jaja Lukis

    Sticky and Sweet Jaja Lukis1

    While spending your holidays in Bali, have you ever taste the sticky jaja lukis cake? This kind of cake is not ‘painted’ or ‘drawn’ as the name suggests (lukis in Indonesian means ‘painting or drawing’). However, it is a Balinese cake that tastes sticky, sweet and slightly chewy. It has the shape of small triangle

  • Come on .., Let’s Sip Balinese Meatball Gravy

    Come on .., Let’s Sip Balinese Meatball Gravy0

    When talking about foods, Bali is rich in a variety of tasty and delicious menus. One of them is be pulung-pulung kuah (meatball gravy) which has been inherited from the ancestors of Balinese. This serving is similar with meatball in general because the round shape of it looks like a meatball. However, it is not

  • Batu Bolong Bar & Restaurant, Griska “Come Here to Enjoy”

    Batu Bolong Bar & Restaurant, Griska “Come Here to Enjoy”0

    If you happen to spend holidays in the area of ​​North Kuta, try to stop by at the Batu Bolong Bar & Restaurant. The restaurant located at Tegal Jaya hamlet precisely on Jalan W. Gebyag Dalung offers good food and a variety of fresh juices. Uniquely, these miscellaneous foods and drinks are prepared by the

  • The Sticky and Chewy “Jaja Bantal”

    The Sticky and Chewy “Jaja Bantal”0

    Balinese people have a treasure of traditional cakes with tasty and unique flavor. The aroma always tempts us so as to give it a try. One of them is jaja bantal offering sticky and chewy flavor. Balinese people like best this cake, but should not eat too much because it can result in illness. Understandably,

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