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  • The Sticky and Chewy “Jaja Bantal”

    The Sticky and Chewy “Jaja Bantal”0

    Balinese people have a treasure of traditional cakes with tasty and unique flavor. The aroma always tempts us so as to give it a try. One of them is jaja bantal offering sticky and chewy flavor. Balinese people like best this cake, but should not eat too much because it can result in illness. Understandably,

  • Jaje Waluh, the taste of paradise

    Jaje Waluh, the taste of paradise0

    If you are a fan of Balinese traditional cakes, you should try the great taste of jaje waluh ketan Bali. The taste of the cake usually called jaje waluh is very delicious. The yellow of the cake is also urged your desire to try it. It is simple but once you have tried it, you

  • Lais Restaurant

    Lais Restaurant0

    Journey through the Indonesian archipelago with the diverse cuisines of several regions. Overlooking the beach of Legian, it is also a perfect spot for a romantic candlelight dinner.

  • Jaja Serud, a Sweet Balinese Traditional Cake

    Jaja Serud, a Sweet Balinese Traditional Cake0

    Jaja serud or jaja gadang or green cake is a traditional cake tasting very sweet. It smells fragrant, looks beautiful and has a very distinctive flavor. In this modern time, this kind of traditional cake is still consumed by the Hindu community in Bali. Moreover, it often becomes a primary choice due to its delicious

  • Taman Tirta Restaurant

    Taman Tirta Restaurant0

    If you’re feeling thirsty or hungry in the streets when taking the city tour program in Denpasar, simply drop by the Taman Tirta Restaurant. This hygienic restaurant is part of the Inna Bali Hotel Denpasar, the first hotel on the Island of the Gods. It is located right in the heart of Denpasar or zero

  • Jaja Gina Misi Tape

    Jaja Gina Misi Tape0

    Have you ever enjoyed jaja gina misi tape or gina cake served with fermented rice? Gina is the name of cake, a traditional Balinese cake. On the celebration of Galungan, jaja gina misi tape always graces the offerings of the Hindu community to be presented to God. It is rarely found because it is just

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