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  • Jaja Lapis, a Delicious Fresh Cake

    Jaja Lapis, a Delicious Fresh Cake0

    Perhaps due to having multiple layers (lapis) this cake is named Jaja Lapis. Besides, each layer also has different color that can make it more interesting. This belongs to fresh cake with a very nice flavor. In addition to having sweet taste, this fresh cake also has a very chewy texture. It is very easy

  • Bamboo Roras Resto Releases New Menus

    Bamboo Roras Resto Releases New Menus0

    Send your senses to be pampered with delicacy at Bamboo Roras Resto. Located at Jalan Kartika Plaza #92 Kuta, exactly in the lobby area of Grand Ixora Kuta Resort, this restaurant is glad to present a number of new menus. Among the menus released, five menus are the most popular namely the Royal Duck Sambal,

  • Jaja Iku-Iku, a Sweet and Sticky Cake

    Jaja Iku-Iku, a Sweet and Sticky Cake0

    Delight your senses in Balinese traditional cakes. Local community has a variety of sticky and sweet jaja (cake). Various types of cake are made specifically to be part of ritual, offered to the ancestors, while some others are made deliberately for consumption. However, all the cakes are usually used for offering other than for snacks

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