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  • Bali in Their Eyes

    Bali in Their Eyes0

    Seeing Bali more objectively and clearly should often borrow the ‘eyes’ of others. At least, the overall perspective on Bali will be obtained as desired. Others mentioned above include foreigners and Balinese people living in diaspora. They are considered ‘more objective’ in seeing Bali with the entire today’s phenomenon.

  • ”Branding” Pariwisata Bali mesti Kedepankan ”Local Genius”0

    Pembangunan pariwisata tidak terlepas dengan kegiatan promosi. Terkait dengan ini, branding pariwisata Bali saat ini masih dalam tahap pembahasan. Dinas Pariwisata Bali masih terus mencari masukan dari stakeholder pariwisata, budayawan, akademisi, serta masyarakat. Kendati sebenarnya , Dinas Pariwisata menginginkan agar cukup nama “Bali” saja yang menjadi branding pariwisata di pulau dewata. Sebab, “Bali” sudah sangat

  • Foreigners Sharecrop Farmland in Bali

    Foreigners Sharecrop Farmland in Bali1

    When the profession as a farmer starts to get marginalized, the sharecropping of paddy field in Bali is even worked on by foreign travelers. The sharecroppers even cultivate the farmland with Balinese agricultural system so that the soil becomes loose and fertile. “The foreigners develop an organic garden as done by our ancestors,” said I

  • Three genres of Balinese traditional dance listed by UNESCO

    Three genres of Balinese traditional dance listed by UNESCO0

    Three genres of Balinese traditional dance are listed by the UNESCO in the field of Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection. The three Balinese traditional dance genres are included in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of the UNESCO on December 2, 2015 after experiencing a delayed discussion in 2011 because each country

  • Male Legong, Male Dancer Trapped in Female Costumes

    Male Legong, Male Dancer Trapped in Female Costumes0

    This phenomenon is actually very common in the Balinese dance. Male legong by Ardhanareswari Classical Art Studio, Sesetan village, Denpasar successfully drew the attention of the spectators of the Bali Arts Festival 2016 presented at the Angsoka Stage, Denpasar Art Center, Thursday (Jun. 16). The dancers appeared ‘beautifully’ in the middle of their valor. Making

  • Policy and Green Team Organization in Green Hotel Programmes

    Policy and Green Team Organization in Green Hotel Programmes0

    One out of 13 criteria of the Green Hotel in Indonesia is Policy and Green Team Organization.  Below  are explanations about this.  Explanations provided here are mainly taken from the Handbook of Implementation of Green Hotels issued by The Directorate General of Development of Tourist Destination, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia 2014.

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