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  • Commitment of Owner and Employee

    Commitment of Owner and Employee0

    Commitment and synergy between the owner and the employees will result in something positive for the products yielded. It also happens to Maya Resort Sanur as revealed by the Resort Manager, Wayan Budiarta. “For instance, it is showed through the commitment to make it a green hotel. It comes from the owner and is then

  • Anak Agung Ngurah Alit Wiraputra

    Anak Agung Ngurah Alit Wiraputra0

    Investment Commitment: Preserving Balinese Culture  All the components of society and organizations in Bali should make synergistic effort for the benefit of better future of Bali. One of them is the role of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) Bali. This organization does not only dwell in business affairs, but as the partner of

  • Badung to Hold Sales Mission to Three Cities in Australia

    Badung to Hold Sales Mission to Three Cities in Australia0

    Badung is one of the nine districts in Bali becoming a popular destination among foreign travelers. It happens because the Badung district has very interesting culture in addition to magnificent panorama of the beach and river with a very strategic location.

  • Important, Inheritance of Balinese Culture

    Important, Inheritance of Balinese Culture0

    Balinese culture has uniqueness. It is admired by international community because it cannot be found anywhere else. On that account, the cultural inheritance should get a priority. It is important to maintain the existence of Bali. Awareness of the importance of Balinese cultural inheritance is expected to be owned by all components. “When talking about

  • Baris Cina and Gong Beri Last Everlasting at Renon

    Baris Cina and Gong Beri Last Everlasting at Renon0

    The traditional sacred Balinese warrior dance known as Baris Cina that was first created in Renon, Denpasar is still practiced to this day. In fact, residents of Kelod hamlet, Renon are confident that the Baris Dance – believed to be influenced by Chinese culture, will continue to thrive long into the future. “Even today the

  • Aam Hamanda Becomes the Best Due to Parang Poleng

    Aam Hamanda Becomes the Best Due to Parang Poleng0

    There is a young designer from Ubud, Gianyar, whose exotic works provide various options to society in terms of fashion. His products are definitely varied beautiful, neat and attractive and have started to be taken into account on the national scene. Gianyar has given birth to another talented young designer: 31 year old Aam Hamanda,

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