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  • Matekap, a Farming Activity Made into Tourist Attraction

    Matekap, a Farming Activity Made into Tourist Attraction0

    For the people of the Island of Gods, matekap (plowing) by cattle may be an ordinary activity. However, it becomes a tremendous attraction for foreign tourists. They are not only satisfied with capturing through photos, but they also scramble to try it. They are willing to get in touch with mud when trying with local

  • Let’s Play Megandu Games

    Let’s Play Megandu Games0

    Megandu is a traditional game born from the agrarian activities in paddy fields. The traditional games involving elementary school students are usually played in paddy fields after harvest. “Megandu is said to be the only one game held at Ole, Marga village, Dauh Puri, Marga – Tabanan. Unfortunately, the game becomes scarce because people rarely

  • Let’s Practice Yoga with Panji Tisna

    Let’s Practice Yoga with Panji Tisna0

    People  may think that doing yoga is very difficult. Feet should stand on the head, can be bent and be made flexible, children and fat people are unable to do yoga, so yoga seems to be a sacred activity and difficult to do. Not to mention there is a presumption that people being able to

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