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  • The Harmony of Balinese Living

    The Harmony of Balinese Living0

    The harmonious ways of Balinese living are intoxicating and contagious, provoking most tourists to second guess their work habits and their return flights home. But as visitors, we become so enthralled with our own experiences that we don’t often stop to think about the effects our presence has on this paradise’s natural resources, spiritual culture

  • The fusion of Yoga and Dance

    The fusion of Yoga and Dance0

    This practice is all about using the Wisdom of Yoga and the Freedom of Dance. To explore the sensations within our own bodies. To allow us to become completely in touch with the body and connect to our natural movements.

  • Temporary Tattoos in Tanah Lot Indeed Different

    Temporary Tattoos in Tanah Lot Indeed Different0

    Tanah Lot tourist attraction is known as the icon of Bali tourism. The attraction relying on the blend of natural and cultural tourism has various interesting and unique tourist attraction. Apart from beautiful sunset

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