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  • Buffalo Race, Jembrana Farmers’ Sport

    Buffalo Race, Jembrana Farmers’ Sport0

    The Jembrana farmers’ sport known as makepung (buffalo race) is an interesting and unique attraction, that not only brings joy to the farmers but also entertains people from all over Bali an well as people from all over the world, as evidenced by the increasing number of people who show up to watch each buffalo

  • Shanti Toya Ashram, Retreat Center for Yoga and Wellbeing

    Shanti Toya Ashram, Retreat Center for Yoga and Wellbeing0

    Kabupaten Badung memiliki tempat yoga yang unik. Lokasinya ada di Tebe Kurung, Banjar Umah Anyar, Desa Penarungan, Kecamatan Mengwi atau sekitar 10 Km arah utara Kota Denpasar. Tempat yoga itu bernama Shanti Toya Ashram yang dikelola oleh wanita cantik bernama Pradnya Wati. Dengan dibantu 5 orang pelayan yoga, para pengunjung bisa menikmati aktivitas yoga setiap

  • Preserving Spinning Top Tradition at Tamblingan

    Preserving Spinning Top Tradition at Tamblingan0

    Playing spinning top tradition seems to be rarely known to children today. They are more interested in the modern games through their smartphone. Nevertheless, this tradition remains to be preserved in the area of ​​the four customary village of Dalem Tamblingan including the Munduk, Umajero, Gesing and Gobleg. “Spinning top game is routinely held in

  • Puri Lumbung Agrotourism Site

    Puri Lumbung Agrotourism Site0

    Central Badung swimming pool. If you are bored with going to the beach, maybe Agrotourism Puri Lumbung is more up your alley, with its green concept water park and restaurant, you are in for a treat. Located on Jalan Puspawresti #99, Penarungan Village, Mengwi, just 8 Km from Denpasar, this fresh agro-tourism site is open

  • Come test your adrenaline

    Come test your adrenaline0

    Flying fox in Nusa Ceningan   Semarapura (Bali Post) The development of tourism in Nusa Lembongan has impacted surroudnign areas such as Nusa Gede and Ceningan. Despite being the smallest island in the district of Klungkung district, Ceningan has an increasing number of tourism supporting facilities and is now the only place in Bali with

  • BHA Aerobic Competition 2016:

    BHA Aerobic Competition 2016:0

    Keep Fitness and Build Familiarity Yo … yo … yo … come on…! Be vivacious…..! The rhythm is just like a flame encouraging each participant to be more excited. With the accompaniment of beat music, they moved swiftly with the expressions like dancers on stage. Guided by an instructor, all the beautiful and handsome participants

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