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  • Eucalyptus Forest Waiting for You..!

    Eucalyptus Forest Waiting for You..!0

    New tourist destinations in Bangli district continue to emerge. One of them is the Ampupu Kembar (twin eucalyptus) tourist attraction. This object is now much loved by visitors to just take selfie or camp. Actually, in the past the area looked slum. The Ampupu Kembar is quite easy to reach. It is located on the

  • Challenging Swing at Bongkasa Village

    Challenging Swing at Bongkasa Village0

    Tourist visit, especially by foreign tourists during the Christmas and New Year long holiday experienced a significant increase. At Bongkasa tourism village, foreign tourist visits have increased since last November. At this tourism village, tourists can explore the countryside, take rafting adventure or enjoying swing tours. According to the swing tourism manager of Bongkasa vllage,

  • Let’s Go Vacation to Taman Nusa

    Let’s Go Vacation to Taman Nusa0

    Have  you already got an itinerary to fill in your next vacation? You can consider the Taman Nusa for your destination on school, Galungan and Kuningan, Christmas and New Year 2019 holidays. When having a promenade in tourist attractions, there is definitely endless word to tell about Indonesian culture. Spending holidays at the Taman Nusa

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