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  • Sebela Beach, New Tourist Destination in Nusa Penida

    Sebela Beach, New Tourist Destination in Nusa Penida0

    The beauty of Nusa Penida islands continues to draw the attention. It offers diverse natural scenery such as the magnificence of the beach. Now, a new pristine object emerges with a lovely attraction namely Sebela Beach at Karang hamlet, Pejukutan.

  • Wonderland of Bali

    Wonderland of Bali0

    Ahead of the New Year 2017, certainly many people, especially those in tourism industry, have been planning everything for the festive event in welcoming the turn of the year. Various events, festivities, tour packages and hotel room package have started to be offered. Of course, there must be something new when welcoming the New Year.

  • A Unique Pendet Pasepan Dance

    A Unique Pendet Pasepan Dance1

    The pendet dance perfromed for the piodalan of the Dalem Temple of Setra Batununggul customary village in Nusa Penida, is both sacred and unique. Although the form of this pendet dance resembles other pendet dances, here, supporting devotees of the temple perform the pendet while holding small bowls of fire -known as pasepan, in their

  • Buddha Statue at Kerta Village Gianyar

    Buddha Statue at Kerta Village Gianyar2

    Buddha statue located at Marga Tengah, Kerta, Payangan, Gianyar, has become a tourist attraction. Local and surrounding communities often visit this statue to simply relax. Children, teenagers and old people often spend their spare time in the area of Buddha statue. Especially on school holidays, national holidays and feast holiday, this attraction is thronged by

  • The Sticky and Chewy “Jaja Bantal”

    The Sticky and Chewy “Jaja Bantal”0

    Balinese people have a treasure of traditional cakes with tasty and unique flavor. The aroma always tempts us so as to give it a try. One of them is jaja bantal offering sticky and chewy flavor. Balinese people like best this cake, but should not eat too much because it can result in illness. Understandably,

  • The Magical Penti Ceremony of Wae Rebo Village in Flores

    The Magical Penti Ceremony of Wae Rebo Village in Flores0

    If you love hiking and adventure, and experience a true ancient traditional ceremony, then head to the old village of Wae Rebo  in the beautiful highlands of  Florest, with nearest town of Ruteng in the district of Manggarai in East Nusatenggara.  On 15th and 16th November the village will stage the Penti Ritual Ceremony which will take place for one whole

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