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  • Utsawa Merdangga Gong Kebyar Wanita

    Utsawa Merdangga Gong Kebyar Wanita0

    The dancers willing to perform Palawakya dance in Buleleng are increasingly scarcer. Undeniably, in the long run this dance is threatened to go extinct whereas it was born and composed in Buleleng. Driven to look for new preservers of the dance, the Buleleng Culture and Tourism Office required the women’s gamelan troupes in the Utsawa

  • Tolire Lake, the Beautiful Panoramic Lake Surrounded with Legends

    Tolire Lake, the Beautiful Panoramic Lake Surrounded with Legends0

    A brilliantly blue volcanic lake, Tolire lake is set in a crater at the foot of Mt Gamalama, on the island of Ternate, North Maluku Province. The Lake is comprised of two lakes, roughly 200 meters apart: Tolire Lamo, The Greater Tolire Lake, and Tolirelci, the Small Tolire. The Great Lake is almost perfectly round,

  • Unique Tradition of Penglipuran Village

    Unique Tradition of Penglipuran Village0

    Other than being known as the cleanest village in the world, Penglipuran village also has some unique traditions. So far, it remains to absolutely adhere to the tradition handed down by the ancestors. Other than the concept of house architecture still reflecting the nuances of local wisdom, it also has a unique burial tradition. At

  • Banda Neira, the Tropical Island in the Banda Archipelago

    Banda Neira, the Tropical Island in the Banda Archipelago0

    Banda Neira or Banda Naira is one of ten volcanic islands in the Banda Archipelago in the Maluku province, in eastern Indonesia. The Banda Islands, probably better known as the fabled Spice Islands of ancient times, are covered with towering, aromatic, tropical-evergreens.

  • The Decade of 1990

    The Decade of 19900

    Golden era or heyday, a period of triumph or anything has its own season. It has own time or period. If it cannot be managed wisely, the period of such beauty will draw to an end immediately. It will quickly fade and ultimately come the other way around. Bali also experienced such things.

  • Putung


    Putung is located at Duda Timur Village, Selat Subdistrict. It is about 64 kilometers from Denpasar or 19 km from Amlapura, capital of Karangasem. This destination is acces­sible by public transportation. As perched on ver­dant mountainous area and surrounded by snake­fruit plantation.

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