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  • Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu Waterfalls

    Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu Waterfalls0

    This is another cascade pair you must see when you visit Lombok. Situated in Central Lombok regency, just a one and a half hour’s drive from , Benang Stokel and Benang Kelambu are waterfalls located only around one kilometer apart from each other. The unique must-see quality of these falls is that instead of being greeted

  • Indonesia Ultimate Golf Series 2016-2017 Kicks Off in Jakarta

    Indonesia Ultimate Golf Series 2016-2017 Kicks Off in Jakarta0

    The first ever Indonesia Ultimate Golf Series, an exciting and innovative new amateur golf series is set to launch with the first game on 3rd November 2016 at the Emeralda Golf Course in Jakarta. The series will bring together golf enthusiasts from all over the globe not only to some of the world’s top class

  • Yeh Malet

    Yeh Malet0

    Yeh Malet Beach, situated in Antiga Village in the sub-district of Manggis, is a tourist destination in Karangasem that is ideal for unwinding after journeying along Amlapura-Depasar road. The area is equipped with a rest area and several food stalls and from here visitors can continue on to many of Karangsem’s fascinating tourist attractions.

  • Semarajaya Museum

    Semarajaya Museum0

    Semarajaya Museum is a glory building with a unique architecture, a combination of fascinating old Holland style and traditional Balinese style. This building is located in the downtown of Semarapura, exactly in the westside of Kertha Gosa and Taman Gili.

  • Museum of Ancient Man

    Museum of Ancient Man0

    Since 1963, Indonesian archeological experts including Prof Dr. R Soejono and Prof. Dr. T Jacob have been conducting research in the area of Gilimanuk. Their studies revealed hundreds of human skeletons dating from the end of the prehistoric age and have all the hallmark features of the mongoloid race.

  • Kroya Waterfalls

    Kroya Waterfalls0

    Sambangan Village, Buleleng offers fascinating natural beauty and a wonderour ‘water attraction’. Anyar Hamlet, located 2 km away form the Town of Singaraja is home to 7 beautiful waterfalls known as the Kroya Waterfalls. These waterfalls feed the irrigation channels that local farmers use for their agricultural lands but they are also a treasure that

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