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  • Christmas Dinner Buffet at Swiss Café™ Al Fresco

    Christmas Dinner Buffet at Swiss Café™ Al Fresco0

    This year Swiss-Belresort Watu Jimbar proudly presents “Christmas Dinner Buffet”. On 24 December 2016 start from 19.00 until 22.00. On the Christmas Dinner Buffet guests could enjoy the dinner we have special offers during the festive season with your loved ones at di Swiss Café™ Swiss Belresort Watu Jimbar.

  • Come on .., Let’s Sip Balinese Meatball Gravy

    Come on .., Let’s Sip Balinese Meatball Gravy0

    When talking about foods, Bali is rich in a variety of tasty and delicious menus. One of them is be pulung-pulung kuah (meatball gravy) which has been inherited from the ancestors of Balinese. This serving is similar with meatball in general because the round shape of it looks like a meatball. However, it is not

  • ‘Glittering of Glory’, Theme of Seventh Anniversary of Bale Udang Kuta

    ‘Glittering of Glory’, Theme of Seventh Anniversary of Bale Udang Kuta0

    Vivacity and togetherness marked the celebration of the seventh anniversary of Bale Udang Mang Engking Kuta, Thursday (Dec. 8). This event was designed very interestingly because the entire staff and employees worked together design, perform and celebrate. The activities held before the anniversary included the Hindu pilgrimage, prayer with Muslims, staff outing and CSR donation

  • Secret Bay

    Secret Bay0

    Secret Bay is the more poetic name given by Bali’s diving community to Gilimanuk Bay, adjacent to where the ferries to and from Java dock. It is about 20mins by road from Labuan Lalang/ Menjangan and located in West Bali National Park. The bay is about 2km wide, very shallow (3-12M), contains two small islands,

  • Garden Eel Point

    Garden Eel Point0

    Starting this dive from the most north-western tip of Menjangan Island, following the wall southwards towards the Bali/Menjangan channel, you will see some of the most healthy and diverse coral on Menjangan. The cracks and breaks in the wall are filled with a great diversity of reef fish. If conditions dictate that you cannot enter

  • Pos II

    Pos II0

    Located on Menjangan’s most south-easterly point, Pos II can be beach-entry or boat-entry, and is usually drift-diving: whether beach or boat, the dives start at 12M, where the white sand slope meets the top of the wall. If there is a current, it is generally north-easterly. Slowly descending along the wall, drifting with the current,

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