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  • A Unique Pendet Pasepan Dance

    A Unique Pendet Pasepan Dance1

    The pendet dance perfromed for the piodalan of the Dalem Temple of Setra Batununggul customary village in Nusa Penida, is both sacred and unique. Although the form of this pendet dance resembles other pendet dances, here, supporting devotees of the temple perform the pendet while holding small bowls of fire -known as pasepan, in their

  • Melanting Waterfall

    Melanting Waterfall0

    Melanting waterfalls are 15 meteres high and are set amongst coffee and clove plantations, in the east end of Munduk village, Banjar subdistrict, some 42 km south of the town of Singaraja. The sound of splashing water, small birds and grasshoppers coupled with its remote atmosphere, provide a wonderful natural ambience for visitors. Aside from

  • Herbal Drink ala Penglipuran Village

    Herbal Drink ala Penglipuran Village0

    Blue pea flower is just commonly utilized by the public as decoration in the courtyard. Not many people know if the flower having some colors like blue and white can in fact be processed into herbal drink. In addition to quenching your thirst, this flower herbal drink is also very beneficial for health. How can

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