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  • Distinctive Star Fruit Leaf Vegetable

    Distinctive Star Fruit Leaf Vegetable0

    At glance, the vegetable of star fruit leaf (jukut don belimbing) or often called as lawar of star fruit leaf is usually presented in ceremonial events in Bali. By and large, the presentation is divided into two, namely for the offerings to God through oblations as well as presented through buffet invitation. The jukut don

  • Wow, Yonne Café & Bar at Sens Hotel Ubud Offers Unique Menu

    Wow, Yonne Café & Bar at Sens Hotel Ubud Offers Unique Menu0

    Tired of eating the same menus? Try stopping by at Yonne Café & Bar located behind the lobby of Sens Hotel, Ubud. This café offers a variety of delicious menus. They are starting from Balinese food, Indonesian food, Western food, Chinese food to various drinks. The dining atmosphere is tranquil and comfortable. Strains of music

  • Golden Lotus Presents Abalone in Three Preparations

    Golden Lotus Presents Abalone in Three Preparations0

    Golden Lotus Chinese Restaurant at the Bali Dynasty Resort will offer the delicious abalone in three preparations until 31st of March 2018. Abalone, or bao yu in Chinese, is one of the most sought after delicacies during the Chinese New Year as it means ‘assurance’ (bao) and ‘surplus’ (yu) for the Chinese people. Golden Lotus’s

  • Oriental Cuisine at Jempiring Restaurant

    Oriental Cuisine at Jempiring Restaurant0

    To start the beginning of 2018, Jempiring Restaurant invites the epicureans with Oriental Cuisine. The menu comprises Steamed Minced Seafood with Chinese Dressing as the appetizer, there are 3 pieces of zucchini or Japanese cucumber each filled with shrimp, squid, fish, and mix vegetables that are all mixed and shaped like a meatball. For the

  • Pesan, a Tasty Balinese Traditional Menu

    Pesan, a Tasty Balinese Traditional Menu0

    Pesan or pepes is a Balinese traditional menu that is quite tasty. This menu is also often called tum or anyang or in accordance with respective region. Shape of the package is also different where in general there are three shapes, namely longwise upward rectangle, while others may wrap it like wrapped rice and sideline

  • Bebek Pangi, Prominent Menu at Pangi Restaurant of b Hotel Bali

    Bebek Pangi, Prominent Menu at Pangi Restaurant of b Hotel Bali0

    One day you may need to stop by at Pangi Restaurant, located at b Bali Hotel & Spa on Jalan Imam Bonjol No. 508, Denpasar. It is very close and easy to reach from Kuta tourism area, Denpasar shopping area and few minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport. Pangi Restaurant is open daily from 07:00 to

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