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  • Bignay Salad Rich in Vitamin C

    Bignay Salad Rich in Vitamin C0

    Bignay salad can serve as tasty snack. Approximately in the 1980s, bignay salad was very popular in the community because it was easy to get the ingredients and prepare. Children did not need to prepare permanent ingredient, they were just enough to bring bamboo crusher and a bamboo blade to pound. During fruit season, they

  • Mouth-watering Rambutan Salad Really Tempts

    Mouth-watering Rambutan Salad Really Tempts0

    Have you ever tasted rambutan salad? Having tried, you will definitely get addicted because this kind of salad is relatively new. However, it has been already familiar among young people. Other than tasting chewy and sweet, rambutan salad is also very easy to make. Youngsters that like to hang out are fond of making it.

  • Let’s Dine at Nebula Restaurant Ubud

    Let’s Dine at Nebula Restaurant Ubud0

    When you consider it difficult to find a good restaurant, simply come to Nebula Restaurant in Ubud. Located at The Evitel Resort Ubud, an accommodation in the vicinity of Monkey Forest, it is about 15 minutes from Ubud Market, about 30 minutes from Denpasar and about 80 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport by car. This

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