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  • ‘Resolution’ as Expression of 11 Artists at Yearend

    ‘Resolution’ as Expression of 11 Artists at Yearend0

    A total of 11 artists from various characters hold an exhibition featuring the theme ‘Resolution’ at Richstone Gallery, Umalas Kangin, North Kuta, Badung. The exhibition coinciding with the moment of employment of the Balinese art ahead of the yearend 2016 and welcoming the New Year 2017 takes place on December 3, 2016 – January 3,

  • Solid Waste Management

    Solid Waste Management0

    Solid waste management can become a negative issue in tourism sector in Bali.  Some visitors have been complaining about Bali for being dirty (Art and Tourism Bali’s or ATB’s data).  Thus, Bali needs to take action to resolve such a problem. 

  • Ngerebeg, a Unique Tradition of Tegallalang

    Ngerebeg, a Unique Tradition of Tegallalang0

    Bali never loses its uniqueness. One of them is the ngerebeg tradition. This event is held in a series of piodalan or temple anniversary of Duur Bingin Temple at Tengah hamlet, Tegallalang, on Wednesday (Oct. 12).

  • For the First Time, Bungaya and Asak Rejang Merged

    For the First Time, Bungaya and Asak Rejang Merged0

    It is one of the sublime cultural traditions. A rare and unique moment can be seen when a series of usaba dangsil ritual is held at Bungaya customary village, Bebandem, Karangasem. Sanctified effigy of Ida Bhatara of Asak customary village goes to Bungaya on the request of Ida Bhatara Bagus Selonding at Bungaya. Related to

  • Ulundanu Culture and Art Festival III

    Ulundanu Culture and Art Festival III0

    Implementation of the Ulundanu Culture and Art Festival (UCAF) successfully taking place from June 5 to August 4, 2016 was held at the Ulundanu Beratan, Baturiti, Tabanan. Obviously it brought in positive contribution to community and increased the number of tourist visit of about 15 percent. The UCAF was closed on Sunday (Aug. 14) filled

  • Tabuh Rah

    Tabuh Rah0

    Tabuh Rah or blood sprinkle of cockfight using sacrificial animals is carried out in a series of religious ceremonies (yadnya). It also denotes a symbol to neutralize bhuta kala as mentioned in the articles of Hinduism chiefly on Lord Shiva. Not all religious ceremonies are accompanied with cockfight. Only the pecaruan ceremonies are appropriately accompanied

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