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  • Yeh Malet

    Yeh Malet0

    Yeh Malet Beach, situated in Antiga Village in the sub-district of Manggis, is a tourist destination in Karangasem that is ideal for unwinding after journeying along Amlapura-Depasar road. The area is equipped with a rest area and several food stalls and from here visitors can continue on to many of Karangsem’s fascinating tourist attractions.

  • Exquisite Mount Batur

    Exquisite Mount Batur0

    Every single tourist attraction must always have a favorite area for visitors frequently explored to increase tourist arrivals. Well, the Mount Batur itself has several areas highlighted namely the mountain crater, caldera and the lake that we know as Lake Batur. Interestingly, there is an underground water flow draining the water of Lake Batur to

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